True or False Stress Management Quiz

Win War Against Stress

True or False Stress Management Quiz

It is difficult to find anyone who has not been afflicted with stress in one way or another – which is one of the primary reasons that it is such an incredibly talked about issue.

However, as with any heavily discussed topic, there are many myths and half-truths abound about stress and tension, and a quick quiz on stress management can be a terrific way to separate these falsities from fact – and identifying the true causes and reliefs of stress can be pivotal to your long-term health. (“True Or False Stress Management Quiz ~ What is stress …”)

There are not potentially dangerous, long term physical effects of stress, such as acne, high blood pressure, or cardiac disease.

The correct answer to this question is false. Emotional afflictions are not the only problem that come with high stress, as it can also result in heart problems, insomnia, hives, headaches, breathing problems, and even diarrhea.

Alarmingly, it can also directly affect your immune system – and as the tension becomes more constant, it can contribute to several continued heart issues, and has been known to drive people to drugs, food, alcohol, and any of the other typical escapes that people delve into.

Stress has positive and negative forms.

“In a surprise turnabout, the answer to this question is also false.” (“True Or False Stress Management Quiz ~ What is stress …”) In many ways it is like fear, where a healthy dose of it can compel you to excel, while an excess can be potentially dangerous.

What is referred to as Eustress can give what is considered a healthy or good feeling of fulfillment and will follow a promotion or achievement, such as buying a new car, or overcoming some sort of adversity. This usually falls under the category of what is called acute stress and is a very short-term burst. (“True Or False Stress Management Quiz ~ What is stress …”)

On the inverse, you can find yourself suffering burnout from the affliction of chronic stress, which can have health consequences that last if the stress itself. (“True Or False Stress Management Quiz ~ What is stress …”)

Your hair cannot turn grey from stress.

This is true. Stress can have several effects on your hair, including causing it to fall from your head, however it cannot impact its color. Age is the only known cause of graying hair.

“Because of their lack of financial issue, wealthy, and successful people are usually content and stress free.” (“True Or False Stress Management Quiz ~ What is stress …”)

This is also false. Although many argue that with the high amount of money and options, the well-off do not suffer the same types of stress everyone else does, the truth is that they also have more responsibilities, and find their money spread over a large breadth of commitments, resulting in things as higher car payments and mortgages, which makes stress cross all social bounds. (“True Or False Stress Management Quiz ~ What is stress …”)

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Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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