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How To Burn Calories and Stay Fit Forever

How To Burn Calories Stay and Stay Fit Forever?

For anyone trying to lose weight, this question is bound to raise a lot of excitement. Surely losing weight cannot be such a simple issue, can it? Well, the answer is YES!

You can lose calories by drinking ice water. Your body loses calories in the process of warming this ice water to the body temperature.

Now any enthusiast must surely be thinking, if we can lose weight by drinking ice water, can we lose many calories if we drink lots of ice water? Well, to answer this question we must look at some simple calculations.

First, we need to distinguish between calories and Calories. Calories (i.e. with a big c) are used to denote the amount of energy that is contained in food. Whereas calories with a small c is used to denote the energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.


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Today the obesity rate has reached an alarming figure, officially 1000 people are declared obese every single day!

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Given such a lifestyle, it is inevitable that we all will become obese, but there are quick and effective ways in which you can lose weight. The best way is exercise.

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