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Guerrilla Cardio

Guerrilla Cardio

Guerrilla Cardio: Your most powerful weapon for fighting fat Here’s the problem: You can develop the best darn set of abs this side of the big river; but if they’re all covered up by fat, what’s to show off?

Nothing but a big fat belly, that’s what. Here’s the solution: Wage war on that ornery abdominal fat with Guerrilla Cardio. It’ll “free” your dear abbies from that prison cell of cellulite faster than any other cardio program ever developed.

“So just what is Guerrilla Cardio?” you ask. Well, it’s an eight-week, militant aerobics alternative specifically designed for folks short on time and “fed up” with abdominal fat—or just plain body fat in general.

The premise is simple: Rather than waste half your day lazily plodding along in the so-called “fat-burning zone” on the Lifecycle or treadmill, hoping the fat melts off before you die of boredom, you radically pick up the pace and alternate bouts of 20-second maximum-effort sprinting with 10-second periods of rest. You do eight of these gut-busting intervals.

And all told, excluding the warm-up and cool-down, it’ll take you only four short minutes a day, three days a week. Yep, you read right … FOUR lousy minutes a day, THREE days a week. That’s it!

“C’mon, four minutes!?” you say, incredulous as Arnold Schwarzeneggers watching an infomercial for the Ab Slide. “Bull——!”

I know, I know … in an age when we’re bombarded by suspect quick-fix fat-loss strategies—if you can even call things like thigh creams, “fat blockers” and prescription diet pills in and of themselves “strategies” for losing fat—what I’m proposing is indeed enough to sound most people’s “BS” alarm.

I mean, four minutes of cardio a day for ridding yourself of all your superfluous flesh? It does have a ring of those “hypish” infomercials for all different kinds of ab-training devices— you know, the ones that work so well you only have to use them three minutes a day, and you’ll miraculously develop rock-hard abs! Right.

The Guerrilla Cardio program, however, is different. It’s not a gimmick. It’s not based on blind guesswork or hype. It’s a real solution based on scientific research as well as real-world experience. In fact, according to Japanese researchers, it may be one of the best possible training plans ever developed.

4,5 Here’s the deal …

Building a better fat-burning program Recently, Dr. Izumi Tabata, Ph.D., and colleagues from the National Institute of Health & Nutrition in Tokyo, Japan, set out in search of “the ideal” aerobics training protocol—one that would most efficiently increase fat burning and cardiovascular fitness. Such a plan, the researchers believed, should be:

High intensity. For years, we’ve been told that low-effort aerobics is the best method for burning fat. New research tells another story. While studies show high-intensity aerobics may burn a little less fat than its low intensity counterpart during the time actually spent exercising, the total expenditure of calories (and fat!) is up to 50 percent greater with intense cardio.3

You see, most of the fat you burn with high-intensity cardio occurs after exercising, not during the workout itself.

Research presented in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows that when you work out using high-intensity intervals’, the total amount of calories your body burns is elevated up to 142 percent more than low-effort aerobics within the hour after your workout.

And it doesn’t stop there. Research published in the journal Metabolism shows this potent post-exercise “burn” may persist for up to 48 hours after exercising.

Fitness-promoting. The more fit you become, the more likely you are to use fat as fuel for any given activity. Peak fitness’ is generally defined as having both high aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Your maximum oxygen capacity, or VO2 peak, is generally considered the best measure of aerobic fitness.

As exercise intensity increases beyond your VO2 peak, your body shifts to anaerobic (without oxygen) energy production. In the face of this oxygen debt, lactic acid levels build up in tissues, making your muscles feel sore.


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