FITNESS AND EXERCISE MASTERY – An Unbeaten Bodybuilding Journey – CHANGING YOUR BODY, CHANGING your lifestyle, feeling good is not because of a sudden, spontaneous decision. It is an approach that applies to a long term.

These are daily choices, repeated actions that always make you go a little further towards your goal. Succeeding in bodybuilding, fitness or sport generally requires greater involvement and effort.

This is the most important factor and the one that will really determine your achievements. Being thorough with your bodybuilding program for a few weeks, then relax is difficult.

Everything lies in regularity. The logic is the same in all sports and even more in bodybuilding. It is the repetition of efforts, weeks after weeks, month after month which will bring results.

Only your determination and focus can reward you. Thus, it is
useless to start by jumping around and trying to do everything at the same time. Start at your own pace, take your time and slowly increase the level of difficulty and the frequency of training.

Too often we see people registering in gyms, showing a strong motivation for the first 2 months of training every day. Then 80% of them disappear and only the most regular persist. Be among them, start at your own pace, no need to do too much. But persists!

It’s about doing the right things according to your level and abilities. We do not start by copying the program of the most muscular boy in his gym. It is good to be certain that the program will suit you and will not be far too intense for you. Not only will this limit your results, but eventually lead to overstraining and increase the risk of injury.

If you are a beginner in bodybuilding, start with a beginner program. There are many that are detailed on the web. Some of these programs are based on basic movements, controlled progression and intensity adapted to your needs and capacity.

Then, the course of patience! No need to look at yourself in the mirror after your first session. Hey, your body has not changed! Let the nature take its course! Try to take pleasure during your workouts, try to progress, to always do a little better, to have a good technique on the exercises, to feed yourself well, to be patient and you will have the results you hope for!

Nothing good can be done in a hurry and it is especially true for the practice of fitness and bodybuilding. The results you deserve will come with time as your body matures, develops, deconstructs, and then recovers. It’s a long process and patience is the key word!

It is no longer a matter of talking about being physically fit or having a nice body. To succeed in bodybuilding requires total self-denial. Your entire lifestyle must be turned towards your goal. Here we come to a far more extreme vision with a true sense of sacrifice. Nothing should hinder your quest for success.

If you are not ready to endure training sessions, pain, sweat, fatigue, determination, and focus, then bodybuilding programs are not made for you.

The boxer who does not train intensively every day has no chance against the one who gives everything to training. All efforts are important and we must be able to put aside our moods and our desires to simply do the necessary work.

Regaining Competitive Edge in Your

It takes a lot of time, effort and a well-structured training plan to get good muscle. It is only if you train with a “plan” will you gain muscle mass in the long term. A training plan to achieve the goal of gaining muscle mass is based mainly on strength training, in which basic exercises and isolation exercises are the main element. The goal is to encourage muscle growth by subjecting it to continuous stimulation.


A training plan to gain muscle mass poses different demands to athletes. In principle, it is based on basic exercises in which weights gradually increase. Short training series is important to maintain intensity. However, the training plan also includes sufficient regeneration phases to allow the formation of new muscle tissue.

• Characteristics of a training plan to gain muscle mass:
• Strength training to increase the musculature
• Attention in basic exercises
• Isolation exercises as a complement


If you want to increase your muscles effectively and sustainably,
you do not have to go running to the gym every day, as they say.
Less is more! With a 3 or a maximum of 4 training sessions per
week and with the right training plan, you can give your muscles the necessary growth stimulus.

In addition, muscle growth (hypertrophy) occurs anyway in the resting phases. It is when the muscular tissue recovers from the effort and the cross section of the muscle increases as a process of adaptation to the increasing load of the training (more weight, new stimuli, etc.)

In other words, if you train extremely, you risk stagnating and suffering from symptoms of over-training, such as a loss of strength and a feeling of premature fatigue.

A classic effect would be, for example, to train chest and triceps or back and biceps on separate days. For a training frequency of
three to four sessions per week, a triple or quad split is good.


The sessions of your training plan to gain muscle mass should last, as a rule, between 60 and 90 minute maximum. If you train too long, your muscle tissue will be exposed to hormonal stress by the secretion of cortisol.

When you do not gain muscle mass in the long term, this hormone is one of the most frequent causes. If you go over the recommended training time, you can boost even the processes of muscle loss.

Important points about the duration of training in a training plan to gain muscle mass:

• Max. 60-90 minutes per session
• Too long a training has a catabolic effect


A training plan to gain muscle mass should base your basic exercise structure on these 4 essentials. By this we mean basic exercises like the bench press, the dead lift, the squats and the shoulder press.

Since in these basic exercises the whole muscles intervene, a great secretion of testosterone takes place. This hormone, along with insulin, plays an essential role when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

Approximately two-thirds of the training sessions to gain muscle mass should be used in basic exercises or free-weights exercises. The remaining third can be devoted to isolation exercises and intensity techniques.

With the help of isolation exercises, specific stimuli can be applied to encourage growth and gain muscle mass, consciously overloading the muscles and exhausting it until muscle failure.

This places a huge burden on the central nervous system. The muscle reacts, adapting and increasing its cross section, which “gains strength” for the next training session.

Important points about the selection of exercises of the training plan to gain muscle mass:

• Attention in basic exercises (two thirds)
• Isolation exercises to complement (one third)



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