2612568276918. Boxing/Kickboxing Lesson Plan

Boxing/Kickboxing Lesson Plan

Boxing/Kickboxing Lesson Plan

Template (90 minutes)

5 – 10 minutes: Warm-ups

– 1 – 2 minutes of light jogging

– Include various movements: zigzagging between bags, bear crawls, crab walks, ball passing, OR calisthenics: Push ups, sit ups, squats, mountain climbers, etc.

– Jump roping may be done instead of jogging: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday

4 – 10 minutes: Stance and Movement Drill with Partner

– Basic Boxing/Muay Thai Stance

– If there are any new students start with basic stance and linear movement

– Lead-Follow Drill

– Introduce Circle Out, Pivots, and Open-Close Motion progressively

– Up to four two-minute rounds

5 – 15 minutes: Review Round (Intermediate/Advanced)

– Each client is asked to review the attacks, movements, or combos they have already learned
– This allows students to solidify their knowledge and instructors to check on the level of the class and differentiate groups
– If it is someone’s first class, show basic movements or Jab
– Instructor/Assistant might choose to hold pads
– Up to three, three-to-four-minute rounds
—–(Water Break) ——

10 – 15 minutes: Solo Drills (Differentiated learners)

– Each client is given something new to work on, OR asked to review what the have already drilled
– Instructor should remind all clients that the goal is smoothness, not speed
– Using the mirror and feedback from the instructor, clients should be able to slowly perform the new technique properly
– Instructor/Assistant might choose to hold pads

15 – 30 minutes: Attack and Defense Drills with Partner

– All students are shown defenses (from curriculum)
– 2 – 4-minute rounds for a fast-paced class. Each new round has either a new technique being drilled, or a new partner.
– New attacks, defenses, and movements (that are already known by the client) can be included between rounds
– This is a good opportunity for more experienced students to share their knowledge (decentralized learning)
– Instructor/Assistant might choose to partner with a client or hold pads
– Instructor can ask clients to hold pads for their partner

—–(Water Break) ——

(Optional) 10 – 20 minutes: Games/Situational Sparring/Free Sparring

– Give 2, Get 2: This is the standard segue into sparring. Each client takes turns giving two strikes, then receiving two strikes.

– Give 3, Get 3: Same as above with 3. Even experienced fighters should have at least one round of “Give and Get” to get their bearings and control before free sparring.

Limited Weapon Sparring: Only Jabs, Only Lefts, Only Rights, Only Kicks, Only in a particular Stance, Etc.
Evasion Drill: One partner is attacker, one is defender. The defender may not attack at all, only block and evade. Defender might be limited by a tire or a barrier.
Cat/Mouse Drill: One person is attempting to pressure while the other is attempting to keep space
Punch and Clutch Drill: One partner is attempting to get to clinch, the other is attempting to evade
Push out Game: In this drill, both partners are attempting to put the other’s back against the ropes or barrier.
In-fighting/Tire Drill: Students stay in infighting range (glove to glove, foot inside the other person’s stance) and cannot leave that range
Karate Sparring: Students look to land one blow without being touched
Situational Sparring: Partners start from a very particular position. Goals can be limited to next advancement in position or another observable position or behavior.


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