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The Complete Guide to Soccer Conditioning

The Complete Guide to Soccer Conditioning – This book is for every soccer coach and player… “who demands more from themselves than anyone else expects.”

Ultimately in any sport, your level of fitness determines the level of skill you can apply…

Even world-beaters can look foolish if they lack the physical strength and stamina to apply their talents.

Every soccer player can relate to the feeling of complete exhaustion after several bouts of all-out sprinting… shortly followed by the embarrassment of jelly-like legs trying to perform the simplest of passes!

Without doubt…

The more highly conditioned you become, the more consistently you can perform. Get your conditioning program right, and it gives you (or your entire team) an unparalleled competitive edge.

At every level, the game is littered with players who lack elegance but whose physical power makes them deadly efficient. While there is no substitute for natural ability, with hard work and application you can tap a level of potential you never realized was within you.

Few players (and coaches) outside the professional game really appreciate the impact that a well-planned conditioning program can have on performance. Of the few who do, even less understand what it really takes to become fit for soccer.

Total Soccer Fitness will show you how to become a stronger, faster, fitter, more consistent player.

It will help you to reach a level of conditioning that allows you to perform unhindered with poise and finesse. Follow the guidelines within this text and not only will your level of self-confidence and consistency improve, but you’ll also enjoy the game so much more.

How to Use Total Soccer Fitness

As you read this introduction it can be a little disconcerting to know there’s some 150 pages or so to devour… especially if you’re eager to get out there and put a program into practice.

Total Soccer Fitness covers every conditioning component important to soccer – in detail. More importantly…

It’s a step-by-step guide with one end-goal in mind…

To help you implement a highly effective, do-able fitness plan.

Here are three ways to achieve that aim:

Option 1
Cherry-pick drills and exercises and plug them into your existing program. It will help to keep your training sessions fresh and efficient. To expand the idea slightly…

You might select an entire section – strength training or speed training for example – and use it as an adjunct to your current regimen.

Option 2
Design a full 12-month conditioning program. Yes, it will take some forethought and pre-planning and yes, you do need to be adaptable as the season throws up new challenges, but it’s a challenge that could transform you as a player or a coach.

Option 3
Design a single phase of training. Does an entire twelve months sound like overkill for what you need? Then stick to one phase of the season – the preseason perhaps and take it from there.

Total Soccer Fitness has been developed to make it as easy and practical as possible to design and implement your own professional conditioning program.

The first six sections of the book cover the core elements of an effective soccer conditioning program… everything from aerobic training to fitness testing. In each of these sections you will find sample programs and routines. Remember that many of the exercise images and descriptions are in a separate, downloadable e-book called the Soccer Exercise Library. For quick and easy reference, they have been organized to co-cordinate with the sections here.

The final chapter pulls everything together. It features sample annual and pre-season programs you can begin using immediately.

Goalkeepers have not been forgotten!

Each chapter contains side notes like these for goalkeepers. They address any particular adaptations and variations to training that goalkeepers should consider. Then Appendix A offers a collection of drills especially for keepers organized to follow the sections of the book itself.

If you are a goalkeeper or goalkeeper coach don’t just skip to Appendix A. Read Total Soccer Fitness in its entirety, as many of the conditioning principles are still relevant and important.

The Perfect Program Versus The Practical Program

The perfect conditioning program does not exist…

Not even for professionals.

What they do, and what you should do, is make the most of the time and resources available. And while it might seem like pros have an abundance of training time, they are limited by the sheer number of competitive games they must play.

In an impeccable scenario, you’d have the time to train every energy system several days a week (and allow a day’s rest before a game), players would never get injured, you’d know in advance when every game was scheduled (including how far you’d progress in cup competitions) and no game would ever be postponed. An extra day in the week would also be helpful too.

Ultimately, as a coach or player you have to make an informed decision about what is best for you or your team…

Some players have the time (and the inclination) to commit to six sessions per week, others can manage only one or two. Different teams train on different days. Some weeks there are two competitive matches, other weeks there are none. And in one part of the world the in-season runs from September to April, in another it lasts just 3 months starting in January.

You’ll find lots of sample programs littered throughout the  chapters and then several “big picture” plans in the final chapter. Few, if any, are perfect from a training theory perspective.

Instead, the samples are varied and assume there are some practical limitations in place – whether that’s time, equipment or even a midweek match (nothing will ruin your best laid plans like an unscheduled, competitive game of soccer!).

So, the challenge is set…

Take what you learn from this book. Add some discipline, persistence and a whole heap of determination into the mix and then…

Find out just what you are capable of!

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Regards, Coyalita

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