2612568276918. Fitness Hut’s 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workouts

Fitness Hut’s 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workouts

Fitness Hut’s 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workouts

by Mark Dilworth, BA, PES, CPT
Performance Enhancement Specialist

Fitness Hut’s 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workouts

Setting Fitness Goals and Getting Started …

Here is my top 10 list to get you started on the way to Blasting
The Fat and getting the lean and toned body that you want.

1) Make a commitment to fitness training. This commitment trumps all other fitness commitments. Without it, you will always fall prey to the inevitable obstacles and pitfalls along the way.

2) Be willing to change your eating habits! Sixty to 70% of your fitness goal success or failure will depend on good nutrition.

3) You must change your body composition! You must increase lean muscle mass to become a “fat-burning machine.”

4) You must do more than cardio exercise to burn body fat and change your body composition!

5) Make a commitment to full-body strength training! Among other things, it burns fat, builds muscle and speeds up your metabolism.

6) Keep a food journal. This will help you keep track of your eating habits and help you make needed changes. Keeping a food journal is critical for helping you succeed.

7) Find out your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is the number of daily calories your body needs to maintain itself. You will use this amount to set your daily  menu.

8) Track your exercise activity for the first week to get an idea of how many calories you are burning and how many calories you need to consume each day to reach your fat loss goals.

9) Find an accountability partner such as a friend or personal trainer. This is also a critical step to help you succeed. Don’t try to do this program alone.

10) Get a fitness assessment performed by a certified personal trainer to identify your postural deficiencies, muscle imbalances, etc. The trainer can also tailor this program to your individual needs.

2. Nutrition and Supplements

Once you find out your basal metabolic rate, you can then determine how many daily calories you need to reach your goals. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. Daily exercise can help you burn calories!

Don’t depend on supplements! Get the nutrition you need from food as much as possible!

You may also need to change your nutritional habits!

Here are some examples:

1) DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST (or any other meal). It keeps your metabolism ramped up. Eat meals every 3-4 hours to keep your energy level during the day.

2) Eat your food on a plate, not in a bag or jar. It helps you eat healthier.

3) Eat with a purpose—the purpose of health and fitness!

4) Eat at least 2 servings of a fruit or veggie at every meal.

5) Eat mainly “heart-healthy” unsaturated fats.

6) Eat fast food as little as possible.

7) If it’s fried, let it slide!

8) Eat lean meats like skinless chicken breast, white meat turkey and lean beef.

9) Eat healthy snacks like almonds, walnuts and low-fat yogurt.

10) Eat until you are full, not stuffed (take a doggy bag).

Nutrition and Supplements

Cut out these type foods: sodas, sugary fruit juice drinks, candy, cookies, donuts, fried meats and fried foods, fast foods, ketchup, mayonnaise.

Add these type foods: whole grain breads, whole grain cereals, oatmeal, almonds, nuts, low-fat dairy products, low-fat yogurt, fruits, veggies, unsweetened tea, water, lean meats (baked, broiled or grilled), olive oil, cinnamon, mustard. You  get the idea!

Try your best to get the nutrition you need from the food you eat! Save your money! Many people take supplements because their diets are lacking certain nutrients or they are trying to reach some exercise goal.

When choosing supplements, always look at the active ingredients on the label. Also, some herbal supplements have side effects. So, what’s a good plan to follow regarding consumption of supplements?

–Discuss the supplements with your doctor. Don’t try to treat serious medical conditions with supplements.

–Look at the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) supplement list published by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The supplements that I take and recommend to clients are
multivitamins, fish oil and green tea. Notice that these supplements are great for health benefits and have nothing to do with weight loss!


My Fitness Hut’s Workout Guidelines

My Fitness Hut’s 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workouts

Dynamic Warm Up – 5 minutes before all workouts

–Bodyweight Strength Cardio
–Circuit Strength Training
–Sprint Interval Cardio
–Run, Jump and Step Exercise
–Leg Strength Circuits

–Cardio Blasts with Strength Training
–Cardio/Core Strength Combo

Bodyweight Strength Cardio –

Circuit Strength Training

Sprint Interval Cardio

Run, Jump and Step Exercise

Leg Strength Circuits

Cardio Blasts with Strength Training

Cardio/Core Strength Combo

And Much More…


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