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Fat Burning Secrets

Fat Burning Secrets

About Me

My name is Coyalita Linville “My Story,” within this Introduction is all about the reality I had to face as a child growing up and how I could never lose weight.

You see I was apparently born “Chubby” as my family called it. And the “Chubby” never seemed to leave my ears or help me lose weight for many years.

Due to this fact I was often made fun of by my peers at 1st grade school and through high school which followed me until I was 18 and realized my weight problem was beyond fixing.

I would see others gawking and snickering at me in the hallways both coming from girls and boys and even in my classes which I discovered to just keep my head down and act like I couldn’t hear what they were saying!

Even my Family Members, with the exception of my Grandmother always had something to say about my weight. I grew up silently hating them all due to the way they treated me too.

Furthermore, my one Sister Rosetta was always so beautiful, thin, blond, and could attract attention with no problem at all. I loved her dearly and she was always my best friend no matter what.

My best friend, my Sister was killed in South Carolina a van filled with boat motors which tore her to pieces as she was thrown from the van and skidded down the highway, her last words were “Oh, God Please Help Me.” as she lay in a ditch beside the highway.

I lost sight of things after that and needless to say I lost Alot of weight after that in mourning and still today as I have grown older, I find my life has turned into something I half the time do not recognize. But Iam grateful; for that time which I still have.

Tired of hiding your muffin top under layers of clothing? You are not alone. About one-third of American adults are overweight. Now is the time to transform your soft, flabby body into the toned, sexy physique of your dreams.

Forget yo-yo diets and easy weight loss promises that leave you feeling like a fat failure. It is possible to have a lean, traffic stopping body you can’t wait to show off. You’ve stumbled upon the fat burning secrets television gurus don’t want you to know about. Get ready to throw your fat clothes away for good.

It’s vital to know how fat is deposited in the body, so you have an understanding of how to make the body lose it. Your body needs food to acquire the necessary energy to function and feed its cells.

The calories in food have energy commonly referred to as calories. The more calories the food contains the more fuel the body can acquire from it.

In order to use the food’s energy, your body must first digest the food. The process of digestion causes the body to burn some old energy to get the new energy from the food. The more difficult it is to digest the food, the more energy/calories are burned.

The body’s fuel is categorized as protein, carbohydrates or fats. This fuel nourishes the body and keeps the body functioning. The left-over calories are eventually stored in the fat cells. Your body uses a part of the food’s fuel for nutrition. The excess fuel is eventually stored up as fat in the “fat cells” of your body, around the kidneys and liver.

Fat cells are often deposited in the chest, hips and waist region. As the cells become bigger, your physique acquires a doughy look. The body has a limited number of fat cells, and there is only so much fat these cells can store. Once the threshold is reached, fat begins to accumulate in the muscle lining of your arms and thighs, creating unsightly, flabby limbs.

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Salmon & Tuna

Other Lean Protein

Citrus Fruits







Almonds & Walnuts

Pine Nuts




Coconut Oil

Hot Peppers

Green Tea




Now you have the secrets to a beautiful, toned body in the palm of your hands. The only thing standing in the way of a lean sexy physique is you. Adopt these fat burning secrets into your lifestyle and you will see results in a matter of weeks. The right diet plan will show you how to combine fat burning foods to keep your body from melting away the flab.

There are countless delicious recipes to make the switch painless. Add a weightlifting exercise regime and you will sculpt your body into an object of desire. Don’t let another day pass. The new you is ready to emerge.

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Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor

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