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Three Quick Ways To Reduce “Junk In The Trunk”…

Three Quick Ways To Reduce “Junk In The Trunk”…

… And Save Money At The Same Time!

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Three Quick Ways To Reduce “Junk In The Trunk”… Are you concerned about looking in the mirror or going out with friends and thinking that you might have some extra “junk in the trunk?” If so, there are three quick ways to begin to get rid your “junk” while actually saving money!

Number One Way: Drink More Water

The first way to reduce junk in the trunk is to drink more water. On average, most people do not drink sufficient amounts of water. The recommended minimum amount of water the USDA recommends for the average adult is 64 fluid ounces. This is equal to eight, 8-ounce cups of water.

While you can get some of your water from foods like watermelon and cucumbers, it is best to get most of your water from actual water. Not drinking enough water over time causes your body to store extra water under the skin — that is why some of the “junk in your trunk” is not fat… some of it is actually retained water!

You will save money because you won’t have the cravings for soft drinks, that extra cup of coffee, or even medicines to get rid of minor aches which could be remedied simply by drinking enough water. Two links to help you learn more about drinking water recommendations, and the symptoms you may experience with dehydrations, are:



Number Two Way: Find A Fun Way To Exercise

Another way to reduce junk in the trunk is to find a fun way in which to exercise. You may not want to spend the money on a gym membership, you may live in a climate with bad weather, or you may have been convinced that exercise is something to dread. Yet since the human body was designed for movement, we all know deep down that some form of exercise is good for us.

There are dozens of activities of fun, low-cost activities to exercise, so there should be at least one which meets your current situation! If nothing else, consider doing some bodyweight squats or practicing some sports drills with your kids. Of course, get your doctor’s approval before making any changes to your current exercise program.

You will save money by not spending on endless personal trainer sessions and worthless fitness equipment that ends up cluttering up your house or car! By getting in better shape you will not only reduce your “junk in the trunk,” but also get healthier in the process. Hopefully this means fewer trips to the doctor… and fewer co-pays!

Number Three Way: Cut Back On Late Night Desserts

A third way to reduce junk in the trunk is to reduce the late night sweets. You can have them on occasion, but if eat a bowl of ice cream, candy, or some other dessert right before going to bed every night consider changing your habit. If you can’t cut the habit, at least have protein along with your treat.

Egg whites, a small protein shake, or a small grilled chicken breast will help reduce the negative effects of late-night sweets. Adding protein will help reduce the effects, but consider reducing the frequency of late night sweets in order to best help you get rid of some junk in the trunk!

You will save money by not having to buy candy, ice cream, cookies, or other sweets as frequently.

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