2612568276918. A Personal Handbook: Living The Fit Life

A Personal Handbook: Living The Fit Life

A Personal Handbook: Living The Fit Life

Integrating fitness, life and work in the 21st Century and other important things…

Welcome, About You, Our Mission Together. You have officially taken the first step toward becoming a much-improved endurance athlete — feel better yet? You know as well as I do that it’s not that simple. Despite constant marketing messages and stories to the contrary, personal experience shows that the best results come after periods of hard work and focus.

As an endurance athlete, you have likely organized almost everything you do in such a way that you can actively participate to your fullest. You need to exercise frequently, to eat properly, to manage your sleep, to balance recovery, and choose the right equipment. There are so many different areas where you can focus on improvement and find opportunities for growth and development that we all, at some point, become consumed by it.

Stories of mega training hours and the pro lifestyle seem alluring on the surface, but reality is much harsher. The message is clear: there is no easy way.

But there is a better way.

The Mission of Endurance Lifestyle Design

That super double top-secret protocol that the pros and elite age groupers take advantage of isn’t the latest carbon widget or special coach – although those things can’t hurt. The single unifying factor across all these individuals is far simpler: the relentless pursuit of physical excellence through incredible discipline, consistent training, and exhausting all avenues of learning.

The contents of this handbook are designed to help you transform your life at a macro-level. Tweaking workouts, buying gear, picking races…these are all minute changes that may or may not address the root cause of what’s holding you back from achieving your potential. Besides, those decisions are highly individual and are best left in your hands.

Our goal in these pages is to go one better than the lopsided lifestyles of the phenomenally fit and fast: We aim to provide you with a framework for improving key elements of your endurance lifestyle.

Why Design A Fit Life?

Sure, it’s sexier to start with a race and a challenging training plan, plotting century rides and marathon greatness weeks and months ahead of schedule. Before you know it, you are plotting September’s workouts…in January!

Your life and schedule will change so many times between now and September that your initial plan will probably have to be rethought several times…and you’ll still only be able to fit in certain training regardless of your other commitments.

That’s where Endurance Lifestyle Design comes in.

Instead of getting lost in the details and ineffective dream-lining exercises, we can focus on aligning the big picture elements of your endurance goals and daily life. This integrated “lifestyle” approach creates conditions where you can exercise consistently and effectively without taking away from your other priorities.

What’s The Catch?

I have to be honest here at the outset: this will not be easy, and it’s not for everyone. We’re going to try and cram a lifetime of “lessons learned” into a few pages. Not to mention a heavy-handed dose of the perspective that this is all just a game — there are other things in our life that are simply more important than the sports we play.

The lessons and basic framework below are the result of over eight years of coaching triathletes, runners, adventure racers, and more. It’s been tested, re-thought, overhauled and more…and it continues to help athletes look for a better way than just doing “more.”

Consider this your first step in the Endurance Lifestyle Design process. You’ll more than likely need to take a few tries at constructing something that works for you, so be sure to save this handbook!

In writing this guide I am by no means claiming that I have all the answers. In fact, I have made all of the typical mistakes (some more than once!) that I will cover in these pages. You can learn more about me and my personal athletic journey here.

Depending on the year and my focus, I could be raising money for charity through some crazy event, training for the Boston Marathon or trying to qualify for my fourth trip to Ironman Hawaii — all while working from home and staying one step ahead of my two little girls.

Here’s What’s Included…

1: Plan From the Ground Up

2: Focus on Fun & Challenging Activities

3: Create A Basic Training Week

4: Integrated Nutrition & Recovery Plans

5: Well-Organized External Commitments

6: Continued Exploration, Further Reading & Additional Links

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Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor

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