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100 Top Fitness Tips

100 Top Fitness Tips

Welcome to our special report, 100 Top Fitness Tips. This guide is brought to you by http://www.home-gym-health-exercise.com we give you the low down on all aspects of home fitness.

This guide covers top tips on Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Compound Exercises, Motivation, Fitness Equipment, Clothing, Cardio, Health, General Fitness and Workouts.

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Top 10 Compound Exercises

Don’t have much time to workout? Want THE top muscle builders? Want to develop real strength? If so compound exercises should be the core of your strength routine!

Compound exercises are simply exercising that target more than one muscle group. For clarity, exercises that target a single muscle group are called isolation exercises. Anyway, on to the Herculean strength builders!!

The good old traditional squat should be a part of any strength workout.

Clean and Press
This exercise will work the muscles AND the heart and lungs, it’s like a workout on its own!!

You can move some big weights eventually with this strength builder.

Chin Ups
Tough to do at the start but worth persevering with as they will give you a fantastic physique.

Bent over Row
Really works the back, but make sure of your form when performing this exercise.

Press Ups
The good old-fashioned press up has lasted the test of time for a reason!

Another time-tested exercise.

Bench Press
THE way to work out those pecs.

A great leg builder that will also build explosive strength and the heart and lungs.

Not strictly a compound exercise but simply the best way to work those abs!

Top 10 Workout Tips

Getting the most from your workout time is essential; your time is precious right? So, let’s make sure you squeeze the maximum from your workout with these top tips.

Use a Workout Log
If you aren’t logging your workouts, you’ve not got the data to progress.

Set Goals
To perform effectively you need to know why you’re working out when you don’t feel like it!

Stay Hydrated
Most of your body is made up of water, don’t get depleted during your workout otherwise you can’t perform at the top level.

Be well equipped
Have the best clothing and equipment you can afford, you’ll workout better and stay more comfortable!

Plan your Workout!
If you meander around the equipment, you’re wasting valuable time and you aren’t focused.

Don’t be a workout Holic
Going to the gym or working out all the time leads to staleness and injuries – don’t be a bore!!

Warm up correctly
A poor warm up will lead to poor gains and injuries, spend the time to get that blood pumping.

Stretch after exercise!
Stretching can help the body to rid it’s self of the chemical build ups that cause muscle soreness. No one likes to walk like Frankenstein after our workouts!!

Give yourself a holiday
Every few months, give yourself a few days off. Your body will appreciate it and you will return with renewed vigor.

Keep it fresh!
Mix up your workout sessions, join a class, try a new machine, change your strength days. Shock your body into new growth.

Get positive habits working for you….

Top 10 Health Tips
Good health is essential to your quality of life and longevity, try these ten for size.

Stop Smoking
Smoking has no benefits to you at all, so why do it?

Reduce Stress
Stress is one of the major killers in the western world, learn to meditate and relax, your body will love you for it.

Drink plenty of water!
Water can help you lose weight and will help detoxify you.

Wear a seatbelt
Not wearing a seatbelt increases your chances of death or injury.

Reduce alcohol consumption!
Alcohol abuse can cause relationship, money and health problems and contains a massive amount of needless calories.

Laughing keeps you young and is proven to provide countless health benefits.

Don’t ignore body changes!
If your body changes or your start to feel pain don’t ignore it, get it checked out. Catching problems early can help professionals to cure them.

Your body needs quality sleep to regenerate and to live it’s essential; you die from a lack of sleep before you die from a lack of food!!!

Take tests
Make sure you keep up with smears and other essential health tests!




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