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Chitosan for a Balanced Body

Chitosan for a Balanced Body

By Coyalita Linville

Chitosan for a Balanced Body – Obesity is one of the major problems faced by many people these days.

Studies have reported that children are not even immune to obesity. Well, proper levels of circulating blood fat are very necessary for good health.

The body naturally has a means of regulating the production and removal of these lipoproteins to keep them at healthy levels.

However, if these levels have become too high, and the cholesterol “set points” attempts to reduce the cholesterol levels through diet alone will be defeated by your own body’s production of cholesterol. It then follows that your body needs to maintain its inappropriate “set point”.

Chitosan, a natural fiber derived from the shells of crustaceans like shrimps, lobsters and crabs, is now deemed as one of the most effective solutions to maintain a balanced body. There is what many people call as “body balance chitosan” which monitors the levels and proportions of circulatory fats, blocking the fats in the digestive tract, thus reducing the bad cholesterol while providing the appropriate effect which may possibly aid the natural production of the body’s good cholesterol.

How Does Body Balance Chitosan Assist Weight Loss?

Body balance chitosan is an indigestible fiber which passes through the digestive system without being absorbed and without contributing any calories.

However, it is interesting to know that body balance chitosan is
not only fiber which contributes no calories. As maintained by a number of claims, body balance chitosan binds to dietary fats, preventing them from being absorbed into the body.

This is actually the main function of chitosan that has gained so much interest among those who are trying to lose weight yet maintain a balanced body.

Further worth noting is the claim that when you eat food that contains fat, the body finds it easier to store those fats than to use them for body fuel.

Aside from this, both the fats and lipids are absorbed into the bloodstream. They then carry cholesterol around the body where it can collect in arteries, veins as well as around organs.

It is during this stage that arterial blockages, fatty liver and other serious health problems can occur.

Perhaps what’s nice about the said body balance chitosan is that the fat bound to it cannot make its way into the bloodstream or  be kept inside the body as a fuel source.

The reason is that the complex fat now forms a fat ball that is too big to fit through the lining between the digestive tracts and the bloodstream.

It is in fact found out that about one half to two thirds of the fat content of a meal can be absorbed by body balance chitosan. And, since the blocked fat failed to enter into the digestive tract and the bloodstream, it is then eliminated through the bowel.

What Chitosan Can’t Do?

Note that chitosan works perfectly for a balanced body if you combine it with exercise at medium intensity and nutrient like the Carnitine which boosts fat burning and energy levels. To put it simply, a body balance chitosan cannot make you lose fat that is already stored in the tissues of the body.

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist and Addiction Counselor

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