2612568276918. Fat-Burning Diet and Nutrition Guide

Fat-Burning Diet and Nutrition Guide

Fat-Burning Diet and Nutrition Guide

Fat-Burning Diet and Nutrition Guide – What can you learn from us that will get you the eye-popping, jaw-dropping, cut physique you’re after? Plenty! After all, we’ve been training together for more than 10 years at the IRON MAN Training & Research Center, and almost every summer during that time we’ve taken our bodies to their limits— attempting to get into our leanest, most muscular shapes possible.

We’ve experimented with countless fat loss programs and theories during that d e c a d e — l e a r n i n g lessons along the way. That trial and error ( t h e re were lots of errors!) helped us hone our fat attack to principles that work fast, and we’re positive that you can follow our lead and accelerate fat loss to the extreme (that’s why we wrote this book).

No question, you’ll feel great when you’re in hard shape, but that’s only part of it. Visible abs have sex appeal and grab attention like nothing else. That’s a big reason you want that X – treme Lean look, and we want to help you get it.

Lots of men and women are a l ready using our b o d y – t r a n s f o rm a t i o n programs with great success. The fact that women have produced rapid results says a lot because women are notorious for having a much more difficult time losing bodyfat than men.

A big reason: They have less testosterone, a male hormone that accelerates fat burning, and more estrogen, a female hormone that promotes fat storage. (Incidentally, the fatter a man gets, the lower his testosterone and the higher his estrogen, so adding fat becomes easier and easier the fatter he gets. How’s that for a cruel turn of events? Talk about the snowball effect!)

One of our female subjects was Becky Holman, Steve’s wife, and the success she had with our X-treme Lean principles and diet were even better than we imagined (and getting there was much easier than she thought; she and Steve hardly argued— and they were both on X-treme Lean diets at the same time!). You’ll see exactly how she did it later in this book.

As for us, our last ripping phase was the most spectacular we’ve experienced. We got in incredible shape, our most muscular and cut conditions ever, and most of those results came within a one-month window. The really exciting discovery we made is that it’s possible to burn fat quickly while packing on lean muscle.

Most experts say that you’ll have a difficult time even holding on to your muscle while losing fat. They insist that muscle loss on a diet is inevitable. Not from our experience.

We transformed ourselves, building pounds of muscle as we dropped ugly fat in a mere 35-day period—and no drugs were involved. The quick results we achieved were unprecedented in our many years of ripping up. Even we were stunned when we saw our before and after photos.

But like we said, our latest success came after lots of trial and error over the years. In other words, we made plenty of mistakes, which is good news for you. It means this book can help you sidestep those pitfalls—and there are plenty.

Here are some of the biggest blunders people make when they try to drop bodyfat (yep, we’ve made most of them):

•Eating only one or two meals a day (you’ll burn loads of muscle and teach your body to horde fat; not good!)

•Making a drastic calorie cut all at once (another muscle burning, fat-hoarding strategy; bad idea—think gradual!)

•Staying strict at all times (you need to cheat—yes, cheat!—to keep fat-burning hormones active)

•Not using weight training correctly—or at all (lifting convinces your body not to burn muscle for fuel; plus, training your muscles stokes your metabolism—better than aerobics—and having more muscle on your frame forces your body to burn more fat, even at rest)

•Stepping on a scale (your body can build muscle, lose fat and change drastically without a bodyweight fluctuation; you can’t gauge progress by the number on the scale)

•Eating almost no carbohydrates (your body can start burning muscle tissue for energy, which produces toxins and makes fat loss much more difficult; you’ll also give in to binges due to repressed cravings)

•Eating almost zero fat (various types of fat can help you burn bodyfat as well as fortify your anabolic hormones)

We’ll discuss all of those in the coming pages, as well as outline loads of critical body-transformation info, so you’ll know exactly what to do to shed pounds of bodyfat and pack on muscle at the same time.

You want abs? We’ll show you how to let ’em rip! And you can do it faster than ever with your health intact and with no drugs whatsoever (well, maybe a little caffeine).

Ready? It’s time for you to get X-treme Lean. 110 Pages of Absolutely Great Abs and Fitness Workouts like you have Never Experienced Before!

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Regards, Coyalita

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