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100 Body Building Tips

100 Body Building Tips

1. Bodybuilding requires commitment.

It is a different lifestyle that entails letting go of old habits and adopting new ones. You cannot go into bodybuilding and be half-hearted about it. It is a test of strength, self-discipline, and willpower. Start only when you are sure you can commit time, effort, and energy.

2. Your decision to start muscle training must come from a sincere desire for a healthier and more developed body.

Do not go into it just because it is your New Year’s resolution. People who decide to change something in them when the calendar flips on January 1st are most likely to stray from this discipline.

3. Assess your body.

Decide what kind of attention goes to which part of your body. Some people have flabbier arms while others have most of the fat collected in their midsection. This way, it is easy for you to create a program that addresses your problem areas.

4. Set your goals and create a plan accordingly.

How much body fat do you want to lose? How much muscle weight do you intend to gain? Are you after gaining strength? Are you after developing speed and endurance? What about power? Give yourself a deadline of when these goals should be attained.

5. Manage your expectations.

One month is a good start in losing weight but it is not enough to get you ripped. Make a realistic visualization of the progress you can achieve in a certain period. Do not set yourself for disappointment. Most beginners get discouraged because of the unrealistic goals they set for themselves.

6. Assess your lifestyle.

How many hours a week do you intend to devote to working out? How much energy do you still have after work/school? Is it best to go before your daily duties or after? What habits must you get rid of? Alcohol? The weekend buffets. Nightly parties?

7. Create a journal.

Document your progress from day one. Write down your current weight. Measure your body fat using a fat caliper. Take photos of your body, especially the problem areas. Compare measurements as you go along with your bodybuilding efforts. This shall serve as your motivation in reaching your goals.

8. Hormonal profile plays a significant role in muscle mass gain.

Testosterone is responsible for developing muscles while estrogen is responsible for the womanly curves. Hence, men grow muscle mass faster than women. This should not be a problem to women since they are more concerned with toning and shaping rather than gaining bulk.

9. The ability to gain differs from person to person

So, progress cannot be tracked by comparing it with your training buddy, even if both of you started at the same time. You can check your development only by taking note of your present measurement and comparing it with your previous measurement.

10. Do not be discouraged if you do not see a change in your weight during your strength training.

While you lose weight by burning fats, you also keep or even increase your weight as you build muscle. Evaluate your progress by keeping track of your strength gains and measuring your body fat against muscle weight.

11. Know the difference between setting up an in-home
gym versus getting a gym membership.

Many people find it easier to stay faithful to their routine in a gym setting. An In-Home setting is convenient but poses temptation to slack off. The presence of other bodybuilders is a motivating force.

12. If you intend to get a bodybuilding partner, choose
someone who has strict exercise habits and is most unlikely
to flake on you. Working out is an activity that can be enjoyed
with someone, especially because you have someone who can
spot on you. However, make sure that you do not go lazy once
your buddy drops the routine.

13. Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and psychologically for the task at hand.

Condition your mind so that you can achieve a better physique. Remind yourself your reasons for wanting a better body – be it for strength, confidence or for physical attractiveness. A good warm-up routine lets your brain condition your body to the rigors of the training ahead.

14. Be creative in your strength-training program.

The more fun that you have in your workout, the bigger chance that you are going to stay in the program long-term. Aside from tips from your trainer, maximize the wealth of information available on the World Wide Web. Search for tips, watch videos and exchange ideas on online forums.

15. Warm-up is not an option but a crucial part of every
work out session.

It allows your body to adjust from rest to exercise mode. It increases the body temperature, which regulates the flow of blood to the muscles to be worked out. It lessens the occurrence of injury when performed properly.

16. Warm-up has three levels.

Always start your workout session with a five- to ten-minute general body warm-up. Light exercise such as the treadmill conditions your heart and body for what is ahead. Body-specific warm-up conditions the flexibility of the muscles by getting exercised at light intensity before going on full blast. Exercise-specific warm-up introduces the exact exercise technique to your muscle and lowers resistance.

What’s Included

17. Stretch after warming up.

18. No matter what the myths say

19. Burn fat through cardio exercises.

20. Determine which cardio workout approach suits you well.

21. Choose from a variety of cardio exercises.

22. High intensity interval training

23. Total body workout is a combination of cardio exercises and strength training.

24. Strength training, more commonly known as weightlifting

25. Women are scared to dabble in strength training

26. Do not work out your whole body in one day.

27. Allot a day of workout to a certain muscle group.

28. Do not abuse your body by subjecting it to more weights than it can handle.

29. As a beginner, it is easy to overlook signs of overtraining due to eagerness.

30. At the onset of your strength-training program

31. Your trainer may know the best in muscle building

32. Respect your body’s ability to recuperate.

33. Rest your muscles and let them recuperate.

34. In every exercise you perform, make sure that you observe proper posture.

35. Bench press

36. Do not let the barbell bounce off your chest when you do the bench press.

37. Incline bench press isolates the upper chest muscles

38. How to perform the incline bench press

39. Decline bench press

40. How to perform the decline bench press

And Much More…

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