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How to Lose Weight with Calorie Counting in 5 Steps

How to Lose Weight with Calorie Counting in 5 Steps

So, you’ve toughed it out through diet after diet with no result.

You’ve reached the point where you have tried everything you can think of to lose weight.

You eat healthily. You exercise regularly. You’ve attempted “fad” diets like the ones you’ve seen on TV. Short of gastric bypass surgery, you feel like you have no other option. But there may be one simple diet that you still have not tried.

So simple in its design, many people overlook the diet we will be discussing in this report – Calorie counting. Chances are that you have heard the adage of dieting. Calories in, calories out. That means that to lose weight, you must take in fewer calories than you burn in a single day.

Or you can burn more calories through exercise than you gain by eating.

Either way it will work, but since we are talking diets here, we’ll stick with the first description. Losing weight then turns into a simple numbers game. If your caloric intake is less than what you burn each day, you will lose weight.

That is really all there is to it. But do not go running off and starving you just to shed a few pounds. The five-step program we will be discussing in this report will help you learn how to eat the right foods at the right times for the rest of your life–so you can lose weight now and keep it off for good.


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