2612568276918. The rules for Level 1 and Level 2 officials were updated by World Athletics for the years 2020 - 2021

2020 – 2021 Rules Update for Level 1 and Level 2 Officials by World Athletics

2020 – 2021 Rules Update for Level 1 and Level 2 Officials by World Athletics

IAAF is now known as

There are now four separate books to deal with the running of
Athletic Events under the auspices of World Athletics.

• Book A – The Constitution
• Book B – Organization
Book C – Competition
• Book D – Integrity and Disciplinary

Book C

• C 1.1 – Competition Rules
• C 2.1 – Technical Rules
• C3 – C7 – other areas dealing with competitions

Competition Rules

Rule 5    Technical Delegates    (Rule 112)

Technical Delegates appointed for competitions other than one day meetings shall: …

5.1.8 – decide upon any matters which arise prior to the competition, and for which provision has not been made in these Rules (or any applicable regulations) or the arrangements for the competitions, where appropriate, in conjunction with the organizer’s;

5.1.9 – decide (including where appropriate in conjunction when available with the relevant Referee(s) and the Competition Director) upon any matters which arise during the competition and for which provision has not been made in these Rules (or any applicable regulations) or the arrangements for the competition or which might require a deviation from them in order for the competition to continue in whole or in part or in order to ensure fairness to those taking part.

Competition Rules

Rule 6    Medical Delegate    (Rule 113)

6.1 The Medical Delegate shall:

6.1.1 have ultimate authority on all medical matters.

6.1.2 ensure that adequate facilities for medical examination, treatment and emergency care will be available …….. medical attention can be provided where athletes are accommodated and for provision of and compliance with the requirements of Rule 6.2 of the Technical Rules.

6.1.3 make examinations and provide medical certificates in accordance with Rule 4.4 of the Technical Rules.

6.1.4 have the power to order an athlete to withdraw before, or to immediately retire from an event during competition.

Competition Rules

Rule 6     Medical Delegate     (Rule 113)

Note (i): The powers under 6.1.2 and 6.1.4 of the Competition Rules above may be passed by the Medical Delegate to (or where no Medical Delegate is appointed or available be exercised by one or more medical doctors appointed and so designated by the Organizers who should normally be identified by an armband, vest or similar distinctive apparel. Where the Medical Delegate is not immediately available to the athlete, he may provide instruction or direction to an official or other authorized person to act on his behalf.

Note: ALL officials MUST provide a duty of care to athletes. In the case where an athlete falls to the track/ road/ grass, an official may provide water/sponge, may assist in lifting the athlete to their feet but MUST NOT assist in moving the athlete forward.

Competition Rules

Rules 7 – 11 Various International Official Appointments

Rule 12                 Jury of Appeal               (Rule 119)

Rule 13               Officials of the Competition   (Rule 120)

The Organizers of a Competition and/or the relevant governing Body shall appoint all officials, subject to the rules of the Member in whose Country the competition is held and, i the case of competitions under Rules 1.1 (a), (b), (c) and (f), subject to the Rules and procedures of the relevant governing body…
Rules 14 – 29 Details roles of various officials (Rules 121 -136)’

Competition Rules

Rule 18                      Referees                      (Rule 125)

The changes in this Rule make clear that disciplinary infringements can be made by relay teams but should be considered as an infringement by the team and not of the individual athletes concerned. (Refer to Competition Rule 5.1.9)

Rule 18.5 (Rule 125.5) deals with the warning or exclusion of
individuals or relay teams for unsporting or improper conduct.


Rules 14 – 24      Track   (Rules 160 – 170)

Rules 25 – 38       Field   (Rules 180 – 193)

Rule 39                  Combined Events (Rule 200)

Rules 40 – 53      Indoor Competitions (Rules 210-223)

Rule 54                 Race Walking (Rule 230)

Rule 55                 Road Races (Rule 240)

Rule 56                 Cross Country (Rule 250)

Rule 57                 Mountain and Trail Races (Rule 251)

Technical Rules – General

Rule 3                    Age and Sex Categories (Rule 141)

Age group classifications now to be referred to as Men and Women not Boys and Girls.

Rule 5                     Clothing, Shoes and Bibs (Rule 143)

• Athletes Vests do not have the same color front and back

Spikes for Cross Country

Note (ii): For Cross Country competitions, the specific regulations or the Technical Delegates may allow an increased length of the sizes of the spikes of the shoes depending on the surface.

There has been a rule update regarding shoe construction (31 January 2020)


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