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Fat- Blaster Her Fitness Hut

Fat- Blaster Her Fitness Hut

Curves, Abs and Upper Body Fat Burn Manual
8 Week Fat Burn Program

By Mark Dilworth, BA, PES
Certified Personal Trainer

At Her Fitness Hut (includes Sports Fitness Hut and My Fitness Hut), I have designed all of my exercise programs based on an Athletic Training System. Why? Here are the reasons:

1) There is not a better or faster way to sculpt your body. You also get superior heart health. Research and my personal experience backs this up. Just look at an athlete’s body. Actually, everyone is an athlete. Also, there are varying degrees of athletic training— some techniques are more intense than others.

2) I am a former NCAA Division I athlete, so I’m not playing a guessing game when it comes to this type of training. I use research, empirical evidence and real-life experience to develop training programs.

3) Forget about weight loss and concentrate on fat loss. Building lean muscle mass will burn the fat and permanently speed up your metabolism. The weight loss will take care of itself. And you will be a better exerciser, runner or athlete. You could say Your Fitness Hut. It is about YOU and what YOU REALLY WANT! Don’t let fear stop you from reaching your fitness goals!

Slow, long, steady-state cardio has been shown to redistribute weight in women from the upper body to the lower body. ALMOST NO WOMAN WANTS THIS WEIGHT SHIFT! Read on to learn more! There is a flood of information about weight loss out there in the marketplace. Some of it is just garbage.

A general rule for you to follow with regard to weight loss is this: Don’t waste your money if the program offers a quick solution to your weight problem! Why? Because what you need is the permanent solution to your weight problem

A permanent solution takes hard, smart work and sacrifice
on your part. Human nature always seeks the path of least

So, you can see why commercial weight loss programs promote things such as “in 2 weeks….” The promotion may be partially true, but what they don’t tell you is the most critical part of the 
fitness equation: fat loss is the key to permanent weight loss. 

So, here is my Top 5 List to get you started on the way to Blasting The Fat and getting the lean and toned body that you want:

1. Make a commitment to a lifetime of fitness. This commitment
trumps all other fitness commitments. Without it, you will
always fall prey to the inevitable obstacles and pitfalls along the

2. Be willing to change your eating habits! Sixty to 70% of your
fitness goal success or failure will depend on good nutrition.
Since we must eat to survive, get ready to change!

3. You must change your body composition! You must increase
lean muscle mass to become a “fat-burning machine.”

4. You must do more than cardio exercise to change your body

5. Make a commitment to full-body strength training! Among
other things, it speeds up your metabolism and helps improve
your bone density. And, you’ll look great!

1. The Myths About Fat Loss and Weight Loss

Flip through a magazine, scan a newspaper, or channel surf and you see them everywhere: Ads that promise quick and easy weight loss without diet or exercise. Wouldn’t it be nice if — as the ads claim — you could lose weight simply by taking a pill, wearing a patch, or rubbing in a cream? Too bad claims like that are almost always false. Doctors, dieticians, and fitness experts agree that the best way to lose weight is to eat higher quality calories and increase your physical activity. Here, then, according to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) are the 7 most misleading claims made in Diet Ads:

“LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT DIET OR EXERCISE!” Achieving a healthy weight takes work. Take a pass on any product that promises miraculous results without the effort. Buy one and the only thing you’ll lose is money.

“LOSE WEIGHT NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU EAT OF YOUR FAVORITE FOODS!” Beware of any product that claims that you can eat all you want of high-calorie foods and still lose weight. Losing weight requires sensible food choices. Filling up  on healthy vegetables and fruits can make it easier to say no to fattening sweets and snacks.

“LOSE WEIGHT PERMANENTLY! NEVER DIET AGAIN!” Even if you’re successful in taking the weight off, permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes. Don’t trust any product that promises once-and-for-all results without ongoing maintenance.

“LOSE 30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!” Losing weight is really all about losing body-fat and learning how to keep it off. At best, products promising lightning-fast weight loss are false. At worst, they can ruin your health.


Doctors, dieticians, and other experts agree that there is simply no magic non-prescription pill that will allow you to block the absorption of fat, carbs, or calories. The key to curbing your craving for those ” downfall foods” is portion control. Limit yourself to a smaller serving or a slimmer slice.

“EVERYBODY WILL LOSE WEIGHT!” Your habits and health concerns are unique. There is simply no one-size-fits-all product guaranteed to work for everyone. Team up with your fitness professional to design a personalized nutrition and exercise program suited to your lifestyle and metabolism.

You’ve seen the ads for diet patches or creams that claim to melt  away the pounds. Don’t believe them. There’s nothing you can wear or apply to your skin that will cause you to lose weight.

Make fitness a lifetime commitment and you will reap the health
benefits! And, you will look your best!

Some Facts About The Body’s Metabolism and Burning Fat

Fact #1 A slow or sluggish metabolism is not the major cause of weight gain!

A caloric imbalance is the cause of weight gain (taking in more
calories than you burn in a day). If you have a slow or sluggish
metabolism? A brisk, daily 30 minute walk each day would get you started in the right direction to speed it up.

Fact #2 Lifting weights (or other resistance exercises) and cardio exercise will give you a higher metabolic rate.

Most aerobic exercises give you a calorie after-burn of 10% to 15% of calories used during a workout. So, if you burned 300 calories in a cardio session, you’ll burn an additional 30 to 45 calories over several hours. You should do at least 20 minutes of interval cardio 4-5 times per week (with intensity at least 70% to 80% of your maximum heart rate). Combine your cardio with full-body circuit weight/resistance training (at least 3 days a week) and it will speed up your metabolism even more because muscle increases your body’s capacity to burn calories during and after exercise.

Fact #3 Sweating is not a gauge of how many calories you are burning.

This will disappoint sauna and steam room lovers! Weight loss or gain is a product of calories consumed or burned. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight and vice-versa.

Fact #4 The best time to exercise is whenever you have the most energy.

Working out at any time of the day will increase metabolism for
several hours, depending on the intensity of the exercise.

Fact #5 Your metabolism doesn’t necessarily have to slow down as you get older.

Your metabolism may get sluggish because of fat gain and lost muscle mass. The easiest way to keep a healthy metabolic rate for life is to engage in consistent exercise (especially strength training).

Setting Fitness Goals


Having this as your number one goal will also keep you going through the frustrations and defeats that come along the way. To do this, you need to have the right motivation.

Take a look at the different types of motivation. Which one(s) do you fall under?

1) AMOTIVATION – You don’t really have a reason to workout….like “whatever girl.” Your workouts won’t last long.

2) EXTERNAL REGULATION – You’re motivated to work out because other people like the way you look when you’re in shape, but no internal motivation exist. How long do you think you’ll be able to please people? Then what will motivate you?

3)INTROJECTED REGULATION – You feel bad about yourself when you don’t workout. This is a type of motivation, but it’s based on negative motivations.

4) IDENTIFIED REGULATION – You work out because it’s good for your health and lifestyle. This is a very positive behavior and will lead to permanent lifestyle changes.

5) INTRINSIC MOTIVATION – You work out because you enjoy it! This is probably the best motivation of all.

In my opinion, a combination of the motivations listed in numbers 3 through 5 lead to permanent lifestyle changes (with heavier weight attached to numbers 4 and 5). And, the motivation listed in number 2 will probably be mixed in somehow.

I’ll answer this question before you ask. What motivates you, Mark? I have worked out seriously since I was in high school. Back then, I worked out because I enjoyed it and I wanted to look good for the girls. I didn’t really think about the health benefits of exercise.

Now, as a personal trainer, the health benefits of exercise are a priority, but the enjoyment is probably what still motivates me to exercise. On those days when I say to myself, “I don’t want to exercise,” I still do it because I enjoy it. And my appearance is the fringe benefit of a healthy lifestyle.


So, what motivates you to exercise? Get your motivation right, and a lifetime of health and fitness will surely follow!


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