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Shoe guide about the jungle of shoe sizes and the endless trouble of not finding the perfect shoe.

This book has been written for all of you, who are asking themselves

“Why my shoes don’t fit?”

My name is Andre Gerdes and I’m a professional shoe- and leather technician from Germany, Managing Director of Andre Gerdes Leathers Pvt. Ltd., with more than two decades of experience.

While working with shoes for such a long time, I’ve realized, that there is a lot of confusions when it comes to shoe sizes and fittings.

The Internet and magazines are full with the latest shoe trends and fashions. On the other side, valid information’s about shoe fittings are much more difficult to find.

Wrong-fitted shoes can cause serious damages to your feet and I’m not talking here about just wearing high heels, which you might enjoy wearing for few hours at a party or for a concert, I’m talking about none-fitting shoes, which we are wearing on daily use.

We are walking in shoes, which are too small, wide, short or long – you name it. Now why is that? There are two main reasons for it.

First, the shoe industry is not giving us enough product information about the shoes. They are providing us with some information about the material with a sticker inside the shoe, it looks like this one:

The label above means, that the upper material is leather, the lining is leather, and the sole is synthetic. These are only very basic information’s provided to us.

The industry tells us nothing about the kind of leather been used. Is it a kid-, sheep- or cow leather, etc.? In my opinion, the only information “its leather or it’s synthetic”, is not sufficient. I like to know, if I’m buying a pig skin leather shoe or some plastic and it’s getting worse, when it comes to shoe sizes.

Do you have any idea what a shoe-size means? Let’s say, you think, that you have a shoesize “8”. Now first of all, “8” in US is different to “8” in the UK. You might be aware of that that coincidence already, but what does a size “8” stands for? Does it mean this shoe is 8 inch long or your feet should be 8 inch long to get the perfect fitting for this shoe? Sorry, “none of that” is the correct answer.

Sometimes you’ll find information’s for the shoe-width on the internet, but most of the times it’s not even stamped into the shoe, more often you’ll be able to detect the shoe-width on the shoe box. Why is shoe-sizes or shoe-width named after numbers and characters, which are making no sense to the customer?

This little book is trying to bring in some light to the darkness of this numbering jungle.

Another reason is, why so many of us having trouble to find a pair of suitable shoes, because we are having too little knowledge about your own two feet.

Do you know how long your feet are? Did you know that almost 70 % of adults are not having identical feet and that your foot measurements are changing while aging?

Don’t worry, we are not doing an examination for every bone off your foot, but you should discover for yourself a few things about your own foot, and we need to clarify some differences with the common shoe sizing systems.

It took me quite some time to write this little book, actually much more, than I have expected. Still, I feel it’s far away from being perfect and I had to decide, how much information goes in and what has to be left out. May be in future, I will upgrade the book by adding more stuff into it.

Finally, I like to mention, that this book is not a guide for shoe-making or shoe-designing.

I hope, you’ll enjoy the reading and find the answer to the question:

“Why don’t my shoes fit?”

Best wishes
Andre Gerdes

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