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Healthy Urban Kitchen – I’ve been a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist in New York City for 20 years now. I’ve had a blog for almost 5 years. I was also vegetarian/vegan for about 18 years, starting as a teen. I then went paleo/primal for a decade. I was gluten free for that decade.

I believed a lot of diet narratives, the ideas/stories sound good on the surface. Then I learned science. Now I have no labels, no lies and have given up many of these ideas in favor of more fun and moderation, a word many people are not familiar with and/or are afraid of.

I had serious health issues growing up, but I’ve cleared them up. I started eating gluten and have strengthened my own digestion and metabolism. I could share similar stories of people, just like you, who I have helped improve their health, lose weight or have some other impressive health/lifestyle transformation.

However, these stories are not that important because I am not you. Instead of sharing success stories, I am offering you some valuable tips that you can apply and get good results.

In this report and on my blog, I cover the many reasons people fail in weight loss on my blog and podcast; I teach these reasons so you can avoid the traps. If you follow the links to learn more, you just should be able to get fantastic results: improve your health, energy levels and sex drive, sleep better and reduce your risk for disease … and lose some body fat.

This morning, I went skateboarding alongside the Hudson River here in New York City. Today is Thanksgiving and I was quickly reminded of the reason I decided to write this report: New Year’s Day is coming up. People often get more fitness-focused during this time. I saw many people – more than usual – who were out jogging.

My first impression was ‘Wow, so many people are taking advantage of the time off to exercise – that’s great!’ However, when I gave it deeper thought, I remembered. Yeah, sorry guys, but it’s not going to work out for most of you.

Instead of telling you who I am and why you should believe me (what every other blog does), I’m just going to share some information that will be new for many people and give you a few tips to apply to not end up like the majority who struggle with diet, fitness and weight loss. I’m not just an internet guy; I do this for a living in the real world. I really want you to improve your health and lose weight (if that’s your goal).

Come the New Year, typically a lot more people will be out jogging, joining gyms and starting a diet. They get really excited. They have good intentions. They tell all their friends. They may hire a personal trainer. They may even buy appropriate workout gear.

All this. Yet sadly, most will fail to achieve their goals.

Everyone’s An Expert

Right now, statistically half of everyone you know is on a diet. The other half already tried one or two. Have you dieted before? Please don’t do it again. It will be worse this time and you’ll end up heavier than you are now. A good number of dieters will make themselves crazy along the way from rules that are too rigid or too restrictive in foods. The vast majority of people who attempt to lose weight will eventually ‘fall off the wagon’ and end up heavier. It’s a sad story really, and one that plays out all too often.

For some unfortunate reasons, most people think they are an expert on the topic. Everyone has an opinion about the best diet. You’ll notice that many people are very confident about what they know. Unfortunately, many of them are dead wrong.

Fact: many people are totally confused.

Most people are not seeing the big picture. It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees, because we live in a world where we want simple answers to complex problems. There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting and confusing nutrition information and diet ideas that are being twisted by the media on a daily basis.

In this report, I’ll share simple ideas you can apply to get positive health results. And of course, I’ll reveal the top 3 foods that fight fat!

Your Game Plan: What you give is what you get. The more time you invest in learning, the more you’ll get out of this health and fitness thing.

~ Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Socrates ~


What’s Included…

3 Pieces of Pie. Everybody likes Pie Right?



Protein And Fat

Carb and Sugar Phobia

How Much Are You Eating?

Earing & And Food

And Much More…


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