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Get To Know Your Jeans!

Get To Know Your Jeans!

“Learn The Nuances Of Jeans So That You Can Get The Best Fit!”

Getting To Know Your Jeans – This is a quick report to help you better “know” the jeans you love! It will cover items which you may not know about jeans such as:

• The various cuts of jeans
• Aspects of jeans to help you determine the brands best for you
• Resources for more information

Cuts & Styles Of Jeans

Fits of jeans are determined by current styles, sex, and by the manufacturer. Here are some of the cuts and styles of jeans for you to consider:

• Ankle jeans
• Baggy jeans
• Boot-cut jeans
• Boy cut or Boyfriend (for women)
• Carpenter jeans
• Classic
• Dark jeans
• Distressed jeans
• Flare-leg jeans (aka “Bell Bottoms”)
• Hip-huggers
• Loose jeans
• Low-rise jeans
• Original jeans
• Relaxed Fit
• Saggy
• Skinny jeans
• Straight jeans
• Ultra-low-rise jeans
• Wide leg

Get To Know Your Jeans’ Parts

There are several aspects to a pair of jeans which you may not realize. Here are a few things to consider when looking at a pair of jeans so that you make an educated purchase and get a great pair of jeans for your body!

• Waist gape: How much of a “gape” between your lower back and the back of your jeans do you want?

• Waist fit: Do you want the fit to be very tight, very loose, or simply moderate?

• Waist shape: What is your waist’s taper when staring at a mirror? Do you have a prominent taper to your waist, an average waist (with only a slight taper), or one which is either straight or curves slightly outward?

• Butt: Is your butt flat, average, high, full, or wide?

• Thighs: Would you describe your thighs as slim, average, athletic, thick, muscular, or wide?

• Statistics: You need to consider your height & weight, your regular jeans size, the length you want, and if you have any preferred brand as some brands (like shoes) run a size larger or smaller than normal.

• The Look You Want: Do you want to achieve a certain look with your jeans? Do you want your jeans to NOT do something?

• Rise: How much of a “rise” do you want? Do you want super-low, low, at the waist, etc.?

• Cost: What is your budget?

• Accessories: Do you want certain accessories on your jeans such as rhinestones, patterns, or additional colors?

• Belt: Do you want belt loops? If so, do you want wide loops for wider belts? Are you going to wear belts with certain buckles that require more material near your waist to keep a buckle from touching your skin?

Once you determine these factors, write them down and take them with you when you next go shopping for jeans. Having these with you will help you get the most for your money!

How To Choose Jeans For Your Specific Body Type

There are certain things you may wish to consider when looking at new jeans. Here are some suggestions for your body type:

Thin or Slim

• Consider jeans which have a straight line from the hips to the knee. They could also have a slight widening (flare) at the bottom of the leg.

• If you want low-rise jeans, consider those which are lower in the front and incline slightly on the back.


• Consider jeans which have a straight line from the hips through the knee. They could also have a wider opening at the bottom of the leg than those jeans better tailored for thin or slim women.


• Assuming that you are athletic and have “narrow” hips, consider buying low-rise jeans with a non-traditional waist and belt area.

• You can get away with a wider flare at the bottom of your jeans, especially boot-cut jeans.


• Consider sticking with traditional jeans styles and consider brands which have Lycra/Spandex as part of the materials.

• Choose those jeans which make you look taller and slimmer.

• In order to make your legs look longer consider a slight flare at the bottom so that you balance out your hips and shoulders.

• Remember that darker colors will give the appearance of being slimmer.

What’s Included…

Quick Tips On Measuring Yourself For Jeans

Resources Of Interest

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