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Mental Exercises to Boost Memory

Mental Exercises to Boost Memory

When you feel as though your memory is beginning to slip, there are certain exercises that you can use to stimulate your brain and get your memory back in gear.

One of the simplest methods is to read. Reading requires a good deal of concentration. Concentration is essential to memory function. By taking a few minutes out of each day to read
You are stimulating your memory in an incredibly positive way.


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It doesn’t need to be a book that you read. If the news interests you, then reading the newspaper during your coffee break is a perfect solution.

This way you’ll also remember the news stories that your colleagues or spouse might bring up and you’ll feel confident having read the headline and accompanying story and then committing it to memory.

Reading is a great exercise for the memory and when you read something that engages you it is almost effortless. While you are boosting your memory you are also boosting your knowledge database.

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