About Coyalita

I was born and raised in the great state of Oklahoma in the year 1951. Yep, I am an old Gal as we say here but I have lived a great and adventurous life.

I have traveled and lived in all the states in the U.S. except Wyoming, New York, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Hawaii. Never did care much for the cold weather as I was born a summer child in June. I never had any desires to travel overseas since I was already in some of the most beautiful places right here at home.

I was and still am a farm girl at heart. I love planting flowers, trees, and crops. I have been to college and have several Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in various fields (i.e., Criminal Law, Corrections, Public Health, Behavioral Science, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Business Degrees, and finally I became a Behavioral Rehabilitative Specialist.

I retired in 2008 after I created two businesses Threshold to Freedom and Cornerstone both of which I took in mental health clients who had schizophrenia. Many had been incarcerated in Mental health facilities for years and even some who were children when first incarcerated by family.

I and my team taught these people how to live in the outside world, training them to take their meds, purchase groceries and cook, buy clothing, do laundry, open their own bank accounts, pay utilities, and even do gardening. Reality is that I literally fell in love with each of them, they were the kindest and most loving people I ever had the privilege to know.

And then I went to Texas lock, stock and barrel and married my husband, William. I had met him in 1996, carried his picture with me everywhere I traveled after we were separated up. Life is funny you never know where you will find just that right one, until one night you’re sitting in the office floor and see the picture thinking “hmmm, wonder where he is? I found him through a phone call, he had never married nor had I. Like I said I went straight to Texas and found the love of my life.

I became interested in Marketing and fell in love with it. Worked for eBay, Amazon, J.C Penny, and so many others I cannot mention them all here. It has been a wild experience over the past 16 years. Then one day I said, “self you’re working on nickels and dimes and not getting what you really want to do!”

My job is to help people, simple as that so that is what I have doing since 1996. I know most people do not have thousands or hundreds of dollars to pay for some products, that is exactly why my prices are as cheap to the average guy or gal as they come.

I recently hooked back up with Amazon because they offer so many great products especially for health. Some are a little expensive but then you get what you pay for and need right?

I always try to get lower priced products as well so everyone can get a good deal – I just try to meet everyone’ s needs.

Thank you for checking out FITNESS AND HEALTH, I will always serve you to the utmost ability I can.

Most Sincerely, Coyalita

Contact me at: coyalita@fitnesshealthcoyalita.com


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