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15 Tips to Lose Annoying Holiday Pounds

15 Tips to Lose Annoying Holiday Pounds

It is estimated that the average person puts on 10 pounds during the holiday season. We eat more often, and we eat much richer foods during the holidays, so it is easy to put on pounds without realizing it.

We also tend to drink larger amounts of alcohol, sodas and punch, which contain empty calories.

Top that off with festivities that include cakes, cookies and other sweets and you can easily put on 10 pounds or more.

If that describes you, then you need to carefully read over our next 15 tips for taking off those holiday pounds.

1. Do Not Skip Breakfast! The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you do not skip breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast helps to make sure your metabolism gets revved up in the mornings, and it will also help keep you from overeating later in the day.

If you skip breakfast in an attempt to cut calories, it will often backfire, because it will result in a dramatic drop in blood sugar levels. This drop in blood sugar levels will cause you to overeat in order to overcompensate.

Breakfast should be much more than just a donut and coffee! You need to have a healthy balance of fruit, proteins and grains. Eat whole grains instead of the white breads or refined cereals for added health benefits. Protein will help you stay full for longer, as well.


Just because you gain some weight during the holidays does not mean you have to keep it forever. By following these 15 weight loss tips, you will be able to use those holiday pounds quickly and keep them off – at least until next year.

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