2612568276918. Winning the Weight Loss Battle

Winning the Weight Loss Battle

Winning the Weight Loss Battle

Although there are an ever-growing number of diet books, plans and groups, many people just want to achieve weight loss by sensible healthy eating, rather than following a particular fad or fashion.

But where to start your weight loss program? Well, the most basic and probably one of the best guides that you have, is your own common sense.


  • Weight Loss Basics
  • Weight Loss and Metabolism
  • Low-Fat Weight Loss Diets
  • South Beach Diet: An Overview
  • The GI Weight Loss Diet
  • The High Fiber Diet
  • The Traffic Light Weight Loss Diet
  • Weight Loss: An Apple A Day
  • Weight Watchers: A Diet System
  • Weight Loss: The Atkins Diet
  • Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Most dieters these days have already amassed enough information about what is and isn’t good for weight loss, to be able to decide whether a particular food is healthy, or is likely to help, hinder or otherwise affect their diet.

Very often it all comes down to a matter of balance. You know that there are certain things that, unless you have particular
medical problems, are thought to be good foods that can help you to be healthier and lose those extra pounds.

Most dieticians would agree that eating good portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day is going to be good for you. Also, unless you are on a low carb weight loss diet wholegrain foods such as pasta, whole grain bread and rice are usually accepted as being beneficial, both generally and for weight loss.

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