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Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies

By Coyalita Linville

Skin Allergies – The skin is the biggest organ in the human. One of the most common allergies is skin allergies. Usually, skin allergies are caused as a reaction of the immune system and because it becomes hypersensitive.

This is a situation in which one your immune system does not recognize substances entered in your body. So, when it comes in contact with these “harmful” substances, your immune system produces huge amounts of antibodies. Usually, substances are not harmful as your immune system sees them.

These substances are also known as allergens and they may be affected by various causes such as pollen, dust, dust mites in the furniture, surfaces, pillows, beds or carpets.

But these allergens may also be found in pets, especially in the dander of dogs or cats. Also, there are situations when skin allergies are shown on the skin, because of the usage of some creams which contain substances to which you are allergic.

Process of Skin Allergy

In the moment when your body comes in contact with the potentially causers of the allergy it starts with reacting. Your body starts by producing antibodies, which are also known as IgG or with other word, immunoglobulin G and IgM, immunoglobulin M.

Thanks to these antibodies, your immune system becomes much sensitized so it starts with neutralizing of substances and helps you to recover from the illness after a few days.

During that time, your immune system is much ready for producing new antibodies which will react to the next entering causes of allergy.

Still, when it is about skin allergies contained in creams or some other products intended for skin care, cosmetics products, instead of IgG and IgM antibodies, your body will produce IgE, which is also called immunoglobulin E.

The reason your body reacts to the skin allergen is because your immune system recognized them as harmful for you when you entered them for the first time.

So, next time when you enter them in your body, your body responds by producing huge amounts of the antibodies which are “fighting” to protect your body. Usually, the reaction of the body caused by skin allergens is red color of the skin.

Types of Skin Allergies

Types of skin allergies may be divided into three separate groups. First is food allergy, second is contact dermatitis, and third is atopy or also known as allergic inhaled dermatitis.

Skin allergy not only may be caused with creams, body lotions, or other cosmetic products, but also it could be caused with the usage of certain food, such as: beef, horse meat, eggs, pork, chicken, fish, soy, corn, dairy products, etc.

In direct contact with the skin, the most usual is contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is a skin allergy which is caused by house dust, dust mites, mold, animal dander, but also it could be caused by usage of certain creams, body lotion, soaps and other, which influence on your skin.

The most common symptoms of skin allergy are red color, too much dry skin, itching of the skin, etc.

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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