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The Source of Oxygen

Miracles-in-Water-Healing-Journeys – I am Aniko Brown, daughter of Dr. Robert Lyons. I’m here at Kaqun and love what I do because something happened to me ten years ago.

I was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer when I was 19, and they gave me five to six months to live. And I had no other options at the time. So, I went to Hungary and did the Kaqun baths for six months.

My tumor was at ten centimeters and then shrank down to 2.5.  And I went to UCLA afterward and did a second surgery, and they were able to remove the tumor.

And, so, I promised myself that if I got through this, I would help others, tell them about the water and what it could do for them. And that’s what I am doing here in this Kaqun Wellness Center in Las Vegas.

So, I know exactly how they feel. And I take them through this process step by step. Some days will be really hard, but then things will get easier day by day.


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