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Quit Smoking – Basic Tips for Every Smoker

Quit Smoking – Basic Tips for Every Smoker

When you are truly ready to quit smoking there are several things you need to know about yourself, why you smoke, and how you can stop smoking habit. It is especially important to know what triggers your desire for a cigarette and how to avoid them. Triggers like stress, arrival at work, entering a bar, meeting pear group, end of meal and several others.

Then you need to create an alternative plan for this trigger. You will have to first believe in yourself. Believe that you have courage to quit. Believing you can quit is particularly important because your belief will be your guide throughout the process. Without strong belief that you can survive without smoking, you will not be able to gain enough confidence needed to start the quitting process at all.

Your belief shapes everything you do. It is only when you believe that your mind will give you the correct thoughts to help your body take necessary action to achieve your goal. Write down why you want to quit. Consult your physician when you are ready to produce a customized plan for your personality. They will advise and guide you through the process.

Also seek support of your friends and family immediately you make up your mind to quit, and till you finally quit smoking. Set a quit date and state the number of cigarettes that you smoke a day presently, and how many you will smoke each day until your quit date.

In your plan make arrangements for daily exercise. Though it may seem incompatible with smoking, it will relieve stress and help your body recover from years of damage.

5 Tips to Quit Smoking

As anyone who smokes or has ever smoked knows, smoking is extremely addictive. Besides having to deal with the physical addiction to nicotine, smokers also must deal with a social component: unlike most other additive drugs, smoking is entirely legal and, in many cases, socially acceptable. Quitting smoking is difficult and requires persistence and willpower.

Here are five tips to quit smoking.

Prepare Yourself

Many attempts to quit smoking fail because people do not prepare themselves for the task at hand. You will be undertaking a major change in your lifestyle and habits, and you must be ready for it. To ensure a batter chance at success, you must be ready to quit smoking. You must reach a point where you truly and deeply want to quit – if you are hesitant about the idea there is a good chance your attempt to quit will fail.

Before you attempt to stop smoking, try, and make as many changes to your smoking habits as possible. Much of the addiction to smoking has to do with routines and habits, so even slight changes can make a significant difference when trying to break the habit.

Try things like switching to a brand of cigarettes you do not particularly like. Also try and change the times of day that you smoke, or smoke with your other hand. Make a rule for yourself that you cannot do anything else – read, use the computer – while you are smoking. This will make you much more aware of what exactly you are doing when you smoke, which is easy to avoid if you incorporate smoking into other activities you enjoy.

You should be trying to truly mess up your smoking habits as preparation before you quit smoking. By taking steps to try and make the experience stranger, you replicate how a nonsmoker feels. Remember, that there was a time in your life when you did not smoke, and the act of smoking seemed strange and uncomfortable.

Quit Smoking Today

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