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Fat Free Forever

Fat Free Forever

Lose the Weight and Keep It Off

Fat Free ForeverI know – you’ve tried everything. Every diet and exercise plan going. At first, everything went great. You plunge in, full of determination that this time it’s going to be different.

You might even try a little too hard at first and end up with off-putting aches and pains. Or you may grow impatient with your progress and feel that you’re not shaping up quickly enough.

The doubts begin to grow, or boredom sets in. Pretty soon you’re back right where you started or, worse, you’ve actually gained a few pounds.

Want to know why? It’s because you didn’t get your motivation right from the start. You see, every change we make in our lives needs to be carefully set up or we end up sabotaging ourselves.

Nowhere is this truer than in the area of diet and fitness. Even top athletes need to adopt the right mindset or they, too, will fail.

But this time, I promise you, things will be different. So long as you follow the steps laid out in this eBook you can and will not only lose excess fat but keep it off – forever!

How? Because we’re going to work mind and body together to ensure that you start off motivated and stay motivated. You’re going to learn how to get that crucial correct mindset and, what’s more, it’s going to be FUN.

The human mind and body respond best when they feel safe and relaxed. Push someone out of their comfort zone the wrong way and they will respond by rejecting the whole idea of change.

So, as you work your way through this practical, easy to follow book I want you to enjoy yourself and to understand that you are giving yourself the greatest gift of all: good health.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to leave you feeling hungry and miserable. Do it my way and you’ll set yourself up for a lifetime of looking and feeling good with absolute ease.

The first thing I’d like you to do is forget everything you ever learned about diet and exercise. That’s right – put aside the diet plans and the same old, boring exercise routines and keep an open mind.

At the basis of everything I am about to teach you is that your excess weight is simply the result of unhealthy habits you may have learned at an early age or later on in life. The good news is that those habits can be unlearned so that the fat melts away and stays off.

Within this book you will find the kind of nutritional and exercise information that athletes, sports people and dancers use to achieve their perfect, healthy weight. This same information can equally be applied to you. It is suitable for both men and women, young and old, and will yield lasting results.

By applying yourself to my program you will find that the fat not only melts away it stays away. You’ll be fitter and happier than you have ever been before.

Why? Because you’ll be adopting the same kind of positive mindset that takes an athlete to the top and keeps men and women like you at a healthy weight. It’s the kind of thinking that makes it all seem easy and that’s because it is.

The wonderful thing about it is that, as you progress, it becomes easier and easier. That’s because exercise not only does you good physically, it also has a profound impact on your mental health. You’ll be more positive, more productive. You’ll look and feel great.

Don’t worry – I’m not expecting you to work to Olympic standards, but I will promise you world-beating results if you follow this program just as I’ve outlined it. By following my eating plans and exercises you will finally be fat free forever.

Motivation & Mindset

As you now know, the right mindset is crucial to gaining and maintaining that perfect weight and staying fat free forever. You need to learn and practice techniques that will enable you to stay enthusiastic and focused.


One of the best techniques is visualization. Visualization is used by Olympic athletes, top business people and ordinary folk like you and me to mentally rehearse an outcome we desire.

This kind of mental rehearsal is incredibly powerful. By simply picturing the outcome you deeply and passionately desire you can literally make those thoughts come true. The trick, as ever, is to do it the right way.

Visualization works particularly well for fitness as the outcome you desire is so easy to picture. Try it – imagine a slimmer, toned version of yourself.

Now, was that so hard? OK, so it’s not quite that simple. There are a number of steps you need to follow in order to achieve optimum results.

I suggest you read these through twice before putting them into action as you will want to relax and run through the necessary steps without having to pause or look back at these notes.

Visualization 1

This first exercise will teach you the basics while simultaneously achieving powerful results. It may seem simple but do not underestimate its effectiveness.

1. Sit comfortably and allow your breathing to slow without forcing it, taking in long, deep breaths and noticing your ribs expand. When you feel calm and relaxed, imagine a large television screen right in front of you. Picture yourself in that screen in bright, vibrant colors.

2. This picture of yourself is as you are now – above your ideal weight. Slowly imagine taking off your outer clothes so you are standing there in your underwear. Focus on your excess weight – go on, be brave and really examine it. Stare at your bulging belly. Take a good, hard look at your bulging hips and thighs.

3. Take note of your feelings about yourself. What are they? Acceptance? Disgust?

4. Now imagine the entire screen in front of you first of all fading until all the color has left it and then shrinking until it is the size of a postage stamp.

5. Begin to imagine another screen sliding in front of that postage stamp, growing bigger and bigger until it is the size of the old one.

6. Make this new screen even more vibrant and colorful than the last.

7. Imagine yourself in that screen, still in your underwear but now at your ideal weight.

8. How do you feel? Happy? Proud of yourself? Whatever positive feelings you get, intensify them. Actually, feel them in your body. Smile.

9. Now squeeze one hand into a fist to allow your body to retain an imprinted memory of those feelings.

Every time you waver in your exercise and nutritional program, repeat that same squeeze and those positive images and feelings will come flooding back to spur you on.

Here’s Some of What’s Included

Visualization 2


What do you want to achieve?

Write out a plan

Repeat your goals

Create a vision of your success

Personalize it

Use your own voice

Get comfortable


Count yourself down

Arrive at your own special place

Set yourself up for next time

Count yourself back

Find Something Better To Do!


Anchoring That New Habit

Fat Free Food

Healthy Sources of Fat

Healthy Sources of Carbohydrate

Healthy Sources of Protein

Keeping The GI Low

Eating Right

4 Day Kick-Start

Smoothie Recipes

Eating Right – Next Steps


Healthy Recipes

Healthy Cooking Tips

Fat Burning Workouts

Basic Routine Exercises

All-Over Workout

And Much More!

Fat Free Forever is a program that guarantees you remain trim and healthy so long as you follow the advice given. This means that, if you find yourself giving in to temptation, all you need do is turn back to the sections on mindset and motivation and you’ll be right back there on track!

Always remember that you are the one who is in charge of your mind and body. Feed both with the right stuff and you will reap the rewards in the shape of the best body ever and a killer mindset to match.

Keep your eBook and Mp3 files handy but now it’s time to go and act on all the information you’ve received and to try out those incredible NLP techniques that will keep you focused on the most important thing here: YOU.

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Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist & Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselor

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