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Massage Therapy for Complete Body Relaxation

Body Massage – Some Ground Rules for Building a Relationship

Massage Therapy for Complete Body Relaxation Body Massage – Some Ground Rules for Building a Relationship there is a lot of truth in the adage of seeing is believing; especially in a man-woman relationship, thoughtful actions do speak louder than words.

So, what better way to show you care than expressing it through a caring and timely body massage treatment given to your partner? We will show you how!

While typical men may think there is nothing better, they would like than having a wife’s ministering touches, there is more to building intimacy in a relationship than simply love-making; yes, a massage is just as good as a hug that denotes all the loved one feels without any undue pressure for sex.

It is a joyful and stress-relieving activity that is highly recommended by experts who feel that building a relationship requires trust and to generate that in a woman, a man must learn techniques that make her feel relaxed, at ease with him and her body without any sexual advances feared.

The importance of a massage cannot be stressed enough in a loving relationship as the smallest tactile movements enable a child to know safety in a mothers’ arms, so the lover feels warm and cherished when treated to tender and nourishing body massage that stretches the single touch to many more.

Many women may have been physically abused in the past or suffered a recent trauma or just be shy to invite a massage readily, but it is up to the man in her life to convince her of his intentions in wanting to do something special for she is special – and out of the bed, too.

The first step is to make a woman feel comfortable in your presence and help her relax so she is certain it will lead to bigger things; this is especially important for women with a troubled past who can end up losing out on their trust if pressed into sexual intimacy after a massage session for the sake of it

Do it without expecting payment in kind and convince your woman it is for her sake that you are offering the body massage and while it is likely you will be aroused by the activity, clothe yourself properly to avoid showing any signs of the same.

You can begin by preparing a bath for your woman, then lying her down on a clean towel or soft blanket on the floor instead of a bed, since the surface of a massage point needs to be firm. Put a pillow below her head and shins and if you are not using pre-warmed, lightly scented oil; you can cup some in your hands to transfer somebody-heat to it before you begin by working on her shoulders and down her back, using slow strokes.

Pay close attention to any body parts that feel tense or stiff to your touch and ask where she hurts (if applicable) and work on those especially before moving to her thighs, legs and feet that need to be worked in circular motions before repeating the movements upwards again.

Avoid massaging private parts as you want her to relax and do not stare; work on her breasts only upon being given permission. Massage hands and face with a gentle touch and let her know in words how special she is – restrain your own needs, let it be her day, today!

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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