Stress Comes in Many Forms

Win War Against Stress

Stress Comes in Many Forms

It is safe to say that that everyone has endured stress at one point or another, most of it aggravated during your day to day lives. However, as all-encompassing a phrase as stress is, it is important to understand that it can also be classified in several, specific types. Interestingly, stress can sometimes be a particularly good thing, on the other hand, if left untended, can result in potentially long-term damage, both physically and psychologically. (“What is stress management”)

“According to the American Psychological Association, there are three primary forms that stress can take on.” (“What is stress management”) With stress can come health problems that range from heart ailments to depression or even simple fatigue, therefore the ability to identify the symptoms are important.


The most ordinary form of stress, which usually goes as quickly as it comes, and is directly affected by pressures surrounding the malaise. In many ways, acute stress can be helpful, as it gives you that kind of rush of exhilaration you need to push yourself that extra bit you need to overcome some sort of challenge. It is a very temporary kind of tension, and as the conflict resolves itself, it usually goes away hastily. (“What is stress management”)

“However, it should be noted that if there is a negative source for this type of stress then there can be physical signs, such as stomach pains or an inability to form an appetite.” (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

Acute stress has no long-term effects and is mostly noted for its immediate feelings of malaise, especially since it only really lasts if its cause anyway. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

Acute Episodic

A more serious form of stress than simple acute tension, acute episodic stress is most common in people who allow themselves to lead disorganized and cluttered lives. When your life is a jumbled mess of late arrivals and an inability to give yourself any sense of normalcy, you find yourself sinking into this type of potentially harmful stress. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) When one has what is called a Type A personality or can be defined as “chronic worriers”.

In many ways, this form of stress is like acute tension, however it is more likely to affect you over an extended period and has had the unenviable distinction of leading to high blood pressure and heart disease.


In general, most people experience this form of stress, especially in their day to day lives. Whether you are suffering typical financial frustrations, or your long-term relationship is becoming rocky, or something as simple as a poor work environment, you can find yourself suffering from chronic stress. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

Although you may find yourself able to overcome the simplest of symptoms at first, it should not be outright ignored, as it is the most associated with cardiac problems such as heart attacks – and is also a leading cause in violent rages and suicides.

Although stress and tension are normal consequences of most situations’ humans engage in, some people describe it as a form of killer – and it is therefore incredibly important to learn how to normalize your life and keep stress under control. In addition to ensuring a higher quality life, it also avoids potentially fatal health problems in the future.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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