2612568276918. Exercise Makes You Fat Synopsis

Exercise Makes You Fat Synopsis

Exercise Makes You Fat Synopsis

Exercise Makes You Fat Synopsis – This ebook provides a synopsis of the book “Exercise Makes You Fat”. The first four sections of the book are included in full, with nothing held back, namely:

1. Introduction.
2. Exactly How Exercise Makes You Fat.
3. The Evidence Relating to Exercise and Weight Loss.
4. Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.

Section 5 contains further information relating to the book “Exercise Makes You Fat”.

The purpose of this ebook is to provide a synopsis and a full overview of “Exercise Makes You Fat” so that you may delve further into the subject if you wish to.

This ebook may be freely copied and distributed without restriction provided the contents are not altered in any way.

Please do read this ebook, whether or not you wish to lose weight, and whether or not you do exercise. It truly does contain life-changing information, and is of interest to anybody wanting to protect their good health.

Do you know anybody who is overweight? Do you know anybody who does exercise? Why not email them a copy of this ebook right now?

Thank you for your kind interest and for taking the time to read this ebook.

Have you ever wondered whether exercise does in fact help you lose weight? Why is it that so many people who do regular exercise remain overweight? There is an almost universal belief that exercise helps you lose surplus body weight.


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  1. Thank You for your Comment it is truly appreciated although I too in a way find that all excercise techniques do not necessairily make you fat. In most instances there are many weight loss programs that are not so great and in my opinion some should just close down and quit stealing pepole’s money. Respectfully, Coyalita Linville

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