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Diet And Weight Loss

Diet and Weight Loss Lifestyle

Now you not only want to lose ten pounds, but you also want those ten pounds to stay lost, right? “A way to ensure success with keeping that weight off is to make some lifestyle changes.” (“Diet and weight loss – Diet”)

Everyone becomes accustomed to their routines, and it is difficult to force changes on those routines. (“Diet and weight loss – Diet”) One of the reasons many people fail with a task like losing ten pounds is that it requires too much discipline and work. While a certain amount of stick-to-itiveness is no doubt necessary, you will find it much easier to lose weight if you incorporate changes into your lifestyle. A diet and exercise routine are almost certain to fail if it conflicts with your daily routines. (“Diet and weight loss – Diet”)

“For example, if you live a reasonable distance from work, try biking instead of driving.” (“Diet and weight loss – Diet”) What you are doing here is incorporating exercise into your normal routine: work is something you go to every day anyway –all you are doing is changing the way you get there. Changing the way, you do something that you already do is far more convenient than starting something new, and biking to work is much easier to incorporate into your lifestyle then going to the gym every day. (“Diet and weight loss – Diet”)

The same principle can be applied to your eating habits. Do you pack a lunch for work or eat out? If you eat out, chances are you are going to be eating something less healthy than you would make for yourself, and a larger portion as well. By getting up a little earlier each morning and preparing your own lunch, you are not only saving money, but you are incorporating a healthy eating choice in your routine. (“Diet and weight loss – Diet”) This is much easier to do then having a list in your head and constantly reminding yourself of what you can and cannot eat.

Not only are lifestyle changes easier to enforce than fixed diet rules, but they are also more permanent. Simply look at your daily routine for places where you could incorporate a bit of exercise: take the stairs instead of the elevator; walk instead of taking the bus. These changes will not only make you lose weight, but you will feel healthier and better without having to constantly chastise yourself for breaking dieting “rules.” (“Diet and weight loss – Diet”)

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