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Advantages of Being Vegetarian Some Statistics

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Some Statistics to Make You Think About Becoming a Vegetarian

Advantages of Being Vegetarian Some Statistics to Make You Think About Becoming a Vegetarian the modern diet that relies heavily on meat and animal products is both unhealthy and wasteful of the earth’s resources. By becoming a vegetarian, you can contribute to the preservation of scarce resources and enjoy a healthier diet. (“Vegetarian Guide”)

Meat and dairy production are a large-scale industry that consumes vast amounts of grain and soybeans. Great tracts of forest have been cut down to provide grazing land for cattle contributing to the problem of global warming.

This resource hungry industry provides more food for the rich world than ever before. Yet many people go hungry while we in the rich industrialized world suffer from an entire range of diseases that are caused by eating too much meat and animal fat. (“Vegetarian Guide”)

An estimated eight hundred million people live in the shadow of hunger. World hunger is increasing at a rate of 4 million a year.

If all the farm produce that is used to feed animals was used to feed people a vegetarian diet, then no one in the world would need to be hungry. (“Vegetarian Guide”) It takes 7.5 pounds of animal feed to produce one pound and pork and five pounds to produce one pound of chicken.

The American pork industry consumed 1.08 billion bushels of corn in 2004 and 265 million bushels of soybeans. This creates competition between humans and animals. (“Vegetarian Guide”)

When we factor in the use of fossil fuels in the livestock industry for heating, lighting, and transportation then the modern meat-based diet begins to look unsustainable. (“Vegetarian Guide”)

“It takes one sixth of an acre of land to produce enough food for a vegan but more than three acres to feed a meat eater.” (“veg diet 20120”)

The high price of meat has encouraged many farmers in poor countries to shift away from their traditional crops that provided a vegetarian diet. They are increasingly producing livestock that they can sell to richer countries. Two-thirds of the grain that is exported from America goes to feed livestock. (“Vegetarian Guide”)

Fishing does not use up grain. But it does not really provide a sustainable alternative to meat. (“Vegetarian Guide”) Most of the world’s major fisheries are in decline because of overfishing.

“Fish farming is as costly in terms of feed as other forms of livestock farming.” (“Vegetarian Guide”) It takes five pounds of feed to produce a pound of fish.

The only real alternative to this waste of resources is for vegetarianism to become the diet of more people. A vegetarian is taking a stand against the wasteful use of resources. (“veg diet 20120”)


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