Chronic Anxiety Symptoms What to Do About Them

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Chronic Anxiety Symptoms What to Do About Them

‘Chronic Anxiety’ is the state of mind where a person will continuously be in a state of worry. Chronic means constant or habitual. In such a case these people will constantly have the feelings that are undergone by a person who suffers anxiety disorder. (“What is stress management”)

“The symptoms of chronic anxiety and normal anxiety are similar but in this case these symptoms will continuously be present in the victim and that is how it differs from the people who only face a normal degree of anxiety.” (“Chronic Anxiety Causes – How To Manage It”)


The symptoms of chronic anxiety can easily be diagnosed as it drastically changes many fields of the sufferer’s life. As a result of these changes the person may undergo a lot of chronic anxiety symptoms which are known to affect the sufferers. (“What is stress management”) “Acknowledging and Knowing about these symptoms can go a long way in being able to help a person get the right kind of treatment before it develops into chronic anxiety.” (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

The development of chronic anxiety may vary from person to person. The reasons for these symptoms in a person may be due to physiological, emotional, or mental factors. It is only when we find out what really triggers the sufferer will we find the way to cure this disorder. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

If you find yourself living with the feeling of dread or if you find that you be afraid even the slightest provocation, you are unknowingly suffering from chronic anxiety. Take an example of a child, in their life fear is a constant thing. Children are usually the victims of this disorder as they are the main victims of physical, verbal, and mental abuse. This along with the fear what they already have, they are more prone to develop chronic anxiety as they grow up.


There are many ways by which a person can reduce this disorder. Some of them are very extreme but to get peace of mind the sufferers usually accept these. One such way is to isolate you from others and even from the world. Thereby they feel that they are safe. Another way is to become defensive on everything they themselves or others do. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) In fact, they destroy their own normal existence.

“Apart from these extreme measures a person can involve themselves in meditation, exercises, consuming nutritional food, as well as prescribed medication.” (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) Also, an especially important thing that these persons can do is to remove the unwanted emotional and disturbing thoughts from the mind.

Stress- Effects and Remedies

Stress- Effects and Remedies

“Stress is the constraining force or pressure that becomes a constant factor affecting a person’s life, mind, body as well as spirit.” (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) The effect of stress will be different for different people. Those people who undergo long-term stress will have to face serious health conditions like heart diseases, stroke and even cancer. These effects can be further increased with psychological and behavioral impacts. In these cases, the effect of stress will include anger, change in mood, irritability, loss of sleep and more. These effects of stress further create the possibility of over or under eating. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

No matter how much a person tries to break it, the effect of stress is bad. Speaking about the effect of stress there are a lot of options which can be considered to reduce this to a great extent, some are extremely basic but some complex. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) There are diverse ways by which the effect of stress can be reduced:

* Physical activity– Exercises can be done to reduce the effect of stress as they are all time greats. “Doing an exercise will not remove your stress; it instead helps to relieve the tension in our body there by increasing the blood pumping and causing the mind to work more in a focused manner.” (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”)

* Relaxation– Meditation, hot bubble baths, deep breathing, visualization exercises all help the brain to relax. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) Thinking positively can also create an enormous impact on the way to reduce the effect of stress.

“* Organizing your Life– Setting your priorities, your goals, getting rid of unwanted things from your mind and by managing the time one can reduce the stress to a certain extent.” (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) Focus on what is important to you and try not to get worried about what you cannot control, in such case the effect of stress will not have much hold on us.

* Fun– Having fun is one of the easiest ways to reduce the effect of stress. It can be going out and having an enjoyable time on your own or with your friends or stay at your home by doing something which makes you happy. Some of the incredible stress relievers include Laughing, smiling and simply enjoying oneself.

Even if we follow the above said ways it is not so easy to lessen the effect of stress in our life. When the effect of stress bothers you all you must do is to create your own small steps of changes which can bring in an excessively significant difference in your life. (“How To Win Your War Against Stress”) The physical effect of stress is proof enough to makes us realize the importance of relaxation.

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