100 Running Tips

100 Running Tips

100 Running TipsWhenever You are Running, Certain Things May Begin to Rub. Running can actually result in things beginning to rub.

This can actually lead to experiencing something painful such as blisters and even bleeding nipples. To prevent it, make use of clothing that would not cause too much friction. Aside from that, you can also use Vaseline by applying it on the affected areas.

Run on soft trails on your regular running days.

When it is your regular running days, it is a good idea to choose running on soft trails. This is because it can prevent lower leg pain, as well as shin splints. Thus, it is best to go through soft trails whenever you are training, and only go through the asphalt whenever you are running on a race.

Set a day or two apart for running hard.

Running two hard days straight is actually not a good idea, since it can put too much pressure on your muscles. Aside from that, it would not provide your body with enough time to rest and recuperate.

Therefore, it is important to set your hard running days a day or two apart, so that your body would be provided with time to recover and prevent overworking your muscles.

What to do with body pains.

Once you arrive back at your place, after a hard running day, you may begin to feel body aches or pains. To counter it, one of the best remedies is to apply hot and cold compress on the affected areas alternately.

If that would not give you the relief you are looking for, you can always purchase a mild pain reliever for it, and pair it with a day or two of rest.

Cutting down on your training.

Cutting down the rate of your training is a good idea, especially if you do it in the fourth or fifth week. This is because that is usually the time when your body requires some time to recover. To make it simpler, just cut down as much as 30 percent of your entire running activities for the said weeks.

Paying attention to your running form.

At the start, you should run as lightly as possible, so that you would be able to pay attention to your running form. Becoming more conscious of your running form would actually help you prevent injuries. Aside from that, it can also ensure good balance, and properly targeting the muscle groups you want to develop.

Trail running can Be fun.

When you do trail running, you would make it a more fun activity, since it can offer you a lot of different things to see and hear. To make it more fun, you should have friends to do it with you. However, make sure that you bring your bug or mosquito spray when you do so, so that you can prevent getting bitten by them.

Cut your toenails short enough prior to running.

Whenever you are running, you don’t want to have your toenails jamming your shoes, since it can become quite uncomfortable. Thus, you should cut it to desirable lengths, just a day or two before running. By doing this, you would become more at ease with your shoes, which is important to prevent accidents and injuries.

What to do in the long runs.

There are lots of things that you need to do prior to doing long runs. One of which is to apply Vaseline between your toes, since it can prevent blisters. Aside from that, you should also bring enough amounts of water, and make sure that you have a good night’s rest.

Avoid running on paths that are slanted.

You need to be extra careful when you are running on slanted paths. This is because, such types of paths can put too much pressure on your hips and knees. Thus, whenever you have a choice, avoid running on slanted paths, and prefer those that are flat.

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