Is it not great to see the children dressing all up for Halloween in their costumes and running about the street to the doors of people’s homes. The excitement in their voices makes one laugh it is a hurry back to the vehicle with bags full of candy.

Once Upon a time there was a wicked witch in the West who loved to tantalize the children as they came by during a cold winter’s night. as the children stopped at her door, they were frightened the witch of the West and though her hair was long in black and her robes as well the witch loved children although she would never tell.

It was on the night of Halloween once again the children came and as always, the witch gave the children the best candy and surprises that were apples, they had been candid with Carmel. There were also popcorn balls with nuts and plenty of Carmel to make the mouth water and the eyes of the children would become so big. Yet they would scurry away quickly So as not to be taken in by the witch of the West.

The years passed and the children grew up. Yet They would sit around the campfire reminiscing about the old times on Halloween’s they had and remembered the wicked witch of the West only to realize she was really this she was just a lonely woman with no children of her own.

So, remember children as you go about Trick or treating on Halloween the person that you may meet might not be the wicked witch of the West But rather a kindly woman who loves children. So, thank her kindly for the wonderful goodies she has given you.

Best Wishes, Coyalita 

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