Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

All who are looked at to be very obese have only a few options to lose weight when time is overly critical. Most have shifted from one kind of diet to another for a major part of their lives but only to realize failure and develop a sense of helplessness and hopelessness which in turn leads to a very pessimistic approach in life. (“Weight Loss Surgery – Considering the Pros And Cons Of …”)

The general misconception about the over obese people is that they were solely responsible and if they chose otherwise, they would not be this fat. This is only a nice in theory but not true in practice. There are some medical conditions that cause certain bodily dysfunctions and hence these people cannot control weight they put on. (“Weight Loss Surgery – Considering the Pros And Cons Of …”)

Surgery itself is big surgery and is not an option that can be taken carelessly without thought. Many people realize that surgery involves a substantial change in their lifestyle also a new method of eating which is a lifetime commitment. Due to these facts, it is suggested that all those getting the surgery must have a BMI greater than at least forty. This in turn means that it is advised for guys who are more than a hundred pound extra and women who have extra bulk of eighty pounds or so. (“Weight Loss Surgery – Considering the Pros and Cons Of …”)

One should carefully consider benefits and risks of such a surgery prior to deciding that surgery is the plan of action you are taking. Risks involved are great and must not be overlooked by desperation to reduce weight. (“Weight Loss Surgery – Considering the Pros and Cons Of …”) Nutrition based deficiencies result in 20% of people who have opted for this surgery as the result in insufficiency of nutrients.

This may cause osteoporosis and worse conditions as you grow old. Some complications result from surgery by itself. You will have lifetime issues when eating a lot or the incorrect kinds of food, and some who reach the goals find out that weight can come back at times. Like life itself, there is no assurance about weight loss surgeries. (“Weight Loss Surgery – Considering the Pros and Cons Of …”)

To decide whether you need this surgery, you should ask yourself some of the following queries which may help make up your mind in either way.

Is my extra bulk hampering significant daily activities?

Is my extra bulk causing any other condition which may harm my well-being?

Is my extra bulk something I feel I should control by myself?

Will I be able to manage consequences and all the follow ups that are required?

The main problem with many people who need to resort to surgery is the fact that they cannot take control of the body again. The chances of a candidate for surgery getting rid of the fat by his own methods are very less as he is most likely to have tried and failed every other diet given in any book. (“Weight Loss Surgery – Considering the Pros and Cons Of …”)

“You can only decide if or not surgery is a good option for your needs.” (“Weight Loss Surgery – Considering the Pros and Cons Of …”) But if you finally decide that is what you want to do, then discuss all consequences clearly with your doctor to avoid the possibility of any severe damage later during your older years.

A Personal Note to You My Readers

There are environmental issues as well which can influence the weight as well. Yet in some cases diet plans do work although as in many cases there needs to be someone available to cheer the person on who has weight problems. It is this added help that can turn a life around.

I personally learned this through my own health problems and due to those cheering me on my life has become all that I dreamed of. I was bedfast 5 years and dying due to my thyroid disease and the weight I had gained over the years of feeling sick and sorry for myself while bedfast.

Most certainly there were times when I bitched and screamed “I can’t do it” and refused to try, yet my coach cheered me on and refused to let me quit.  In essence surgery is not always the answer – it takes strength and willpower you do not believe you have. And a coach to say, “you can do this I am here to help you.”

I too can help you by providing weight loss diets and information that will help your weight problem. I have several yet the one that helped me the most is this one “Weight Loss System PLR” see it here.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehab Specialist

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8 thoughts on “Weight Loss Surgery

  1. Great article. I have seen people struggling with obesity, and most of people do all they can to escape that reality. They sign up for programs to help them lose weight which turn out to be very hard and very stressful. I feel like weight loss surgery can be the best solution for these people and to everyone else who is willing to lose weight but doesn’t want to go to the gym because to be honest its a long and stressful process which can take up to years. weight loss surgery does most of the work for you and all you have to do is live your life while experiencing a wonderful transformation. 

    1. Thank you for your comment I too have experienced many of my family members who were obese and their struggle with it as well as the health-related issues that come with it. Yet during those days the surgery may have saved their lives they could not afford it or were afraid. Today surgeons for the most part are more educated in these things.  Thank you again.

  2. Hi there, being obese carry many health risks, from diabetes to heart problems and putting additional strain on the hip and leg joints, the list is very long. So if one can reduce your weight and thereby reduce your health risks through surgery, then that is an option that should be considered. 

    My sister was seriously obese, and over a twenty year period just continued to pile on the kilos. When she was in her early fifties, her doctor advised weight loss surgery. By then she had diabetes, had a small stroke, suffered from sleep apnea and many more health issues. 

    It was a very complicated medical procedure and in preparation she had to go on a liquid diet. The surgery was a huge success and within the first year she had lost nearly 70 kilograms (more than 150 pounds). She no longer has diabetes, her heart rate and blood pressure are normal, her sleep apnea is gone and her quality of life has vastly improved. 

    So, if I look at my sister now, I can just say thank goodness she had the surgery. It was life changing, but probably saved her life. 

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    1. Hello and thank you for you comment. Due to the fact that Obesity in our society these days Weight Loss Surgery is a solution for many people today including the young, Middle aged men and women and even children. The health risks of Obesity are astonishing! Life is short regardless of such risk factors as it is. So if Weight Loss Surgery is the answer then so be it if it saves lives. Best Wishes, Coyalita Linville.

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