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Weight Loss Bootcamp Extreme

Weight Loss Bootcamp Extreme

Step Eight. Dealing With Fat

Now let’s talk about fat. Fat, of course, is your worst enemy. With each gram contributing 9 calories, it’s not going to take that many grams to take you well into dangerous territory.

Your body loves fat because it’s such a convenient way of absorbing energy in a concentrated form. And remember, your body wants to store as much fat as possible as insurance against the day when there’s no food to eat. (The day that will never come.)

That’s why we like fatty foods so much, it’s nature’s way of getting you to eat more of it. Think of all the foods with lots of fat in them: sausages, bacon, cream, ice cream, toast and butter, cheese, chocolate – they’re all yummy.

We’re naturally predisposed to eat fat when it’s available. And that’s the trouble these days, it’s always available.

So, what can we do about it? Well, it’s not easy, I’ll grant you that. And I’m not going to be able to offer you any magic solutions. But there’s always hope out there and we’re going to have to work out a way forward for ourselves.

Now, I’ve called this book the Weight Loss Boot Camp Extreme. and I’ve given it this somewhat militaristic title because I want to emphasize that the weight loss project that you’ve embarked upon by buying it is going to draw on all your reserves of determination and will power.

Just like soldiers need to when they’re in a difficult or life-threatening situation. And if you haven’t got any such reserves
then you’re going to have to develop them. But even I understand that we human beings are fundamentally weak creatures.

That’s why I’m prepared to cut you a little slack here. If you want a slice of pizza (about 300 calories) or 500ml of Ben & Jerrys (1200 calories!!!) then, be my guest. That should satisfy your fat craving for a while.

But take a look at the numbers, it means you’re going to have to cut down somewhere else today to compensate. (You also need to be aware that all that sugar in a tub of ice cream is likely to reawaken your craving for sugar.

So, it’s best avoided.) There’s no way round this, I’m afraid; it’s simple arithmetic. Stay under your daily requirement or you’ll achieve nothing.

And if you achieve nothing, how will that make you feel when you go to bed? Are you really prepared to consign yourself to the ranks of the forever-fat non-achievers for the sake of a slice of pizza? Pizza’s Ok, but it’s not worth admitting failure, I can assure you.

No, I want you to become a satisfaction junkie. I want you to get a kick out of that sense of achievement I talked about in Step One.

But there are some things we can do to minimize the fat problem. Let’s work our way through this dilemma. These are simple ideas that are really just common sense.

1. Spray cooking oil into your pan instead of pouring it. You can buy spray cooking oil at the supermarket. You’ll find that you can fry an egg in less than half a gram of oil instead of the five or ten you might pour from a bottle.

2. Baking instead of frying. Use the same oil spray to lightly coat food before putting it in the oven. You’ll barely notice the difference.

3. Get one of those sloping grills named after a famous boxer to drain the fat from any food that might have fat in it such as steaks, sausages, burgers. (See? I don’t mind you having a burger, but I recommend you cook them at home rather than buying a pre-prepared one.) Take my word for it; these sloping grills are remarkably effective.

4. If you roast any meat, such as a chicken or a joint of pork, stand the meat on a grid to raise it above the bottom of the roasting pan. That way it’s not sitting in a puddle of its own fat as it cooks in the oven. You might find that the meat tastes a bit drier this way, but hey, do you want to lose weight or don’t you? Use more gravy.

5. Don’t keep any fatty food that you can nibble straight from the cupboard around the house. I’m thinking here of cookies, cheese, candy, chocolate, nuts and the like. Even though YOU HAVE VOWED TO YOURSELF not to eat outside of your prescribed time periods, they’re extra temptation that you just don’t need. Go through your cupboards, collect up all the stuff I’ve just mentioned, put it in a box and take it down to the local homeless shelter. They need it a hell uv alot more than you do.

6. Over to you. Think up other ways in which you can reduce your fat intake. This, as I keep saying, is your project. The more you CONTRIBUTE and involve your own ideas, the more successful it’s going to be.

Take Away Message From Step Eight

You just have to use common sense when it comes to fat. OK, we know it makes things taste good. But it’s been your downfall and so you need to put fatty foods in their proper place in your life. No one is going to deny you a bag of fries from time to time, but just think what they mean in terms of calories and make allowances elsewhere…

Regards, Coyalita

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