The Three-Part Perfect Diet

So, to create a diet that works for your body and more importantly for your brain, you need to look at three areas. (“Eating for Success – Trans4mind”)


Balance This is one of the trickier parts of the equation because everyone has a slightly unique way to keep the balance. (“Statement of Rights”) You need to have the right types of food at the right time of day. For the vast majority, which means we need to turn our eating plans upside down. Our biggest meal of the day needs to become breakfast, with our smallest meal becoming lunch. (“Eating For Success PLR eBook | Private Label Rights”)

Many of us are consuming too much sugar, salt, and alcohol (Let’s not mention caffeine JUST yet.) (“Eating For Success PLR eBook | Private Label Rights”) We often do not eat enough fruit and vegetables for our daily fiber intake and do not get enough high-quality protein.

We need to find the right balance for our own bodies. In one household there may be on person who needs a high protein diet, another who needs a high (good) carb diet and another who needs a true mix. (“Eating for Success – Trans4mind”) We all have unique needs. “While we all need to reduce the junk aspect, we need to find our own tweaks to a general diet to find the one that fits best for us.” (“Eating For Success PLR eBook | Private Label Rights”)

Supplements in today’s diet can really help. A good multivitamin, particularly if you are in a stressful period of your life can really help with any part of your diet you may be missing. (“Eating for Success”)

How do you know if you are eating the right diet? You have plenty of energy and vitality. If that does not describe you, your intake is out of balance.


Quality It used to be that much of our food was picked directly off trees, came straight from the veggie garden or direct from the farm to our door. Of course, for some pf us that was several generations ago, depending on age and where we grew up, but that is the sort of food our bodies are still used to eating. Homegrown, natural foods are what makes our bodies work best. Now of course the easiest foods to find are processed foods, that often have a lot of taste for our tongues, making us want to eat more, but are low on important nutrients and minerals. (“Statement of Rights”)

There are many nutrients we need that are not present in our diets. Missing these can prevent our bodies form working to their optimum rate and cause our brains to slow or feel muddled. (“Weight Loss 101”)

We need protein to feed our muscle, to repair cells and organs and to form antibodies that fight off ill health. Even though they have received a bad rap, carbohydrates are also important, to give us energy and fiber to aid digestion. If we choose good carbohydrates, they will be low in sugar and in fat, and have a lot of important nutrients. (“Eating For Success PLR eBook | Private Label Rights”)

Many people, particularly women are so worried about fat in their diet that they try and cut it out completely. In fact, we need good fat to keep our body working. Essential fats, particularly those with omega threes and omega sixes have been proven to help with thought processes and sharpness of though. Good fats also help us absorb some vitamins we need such as A, D, K and E. (“Statement of Rights”)

If we were to sit and work out the most important nutrient our body needs, it would have to be water. Water helps us to not feel so hungry. It helps us digest the food we do eat and gives us great skin. (“Eating For Success PLR eBook | Private Label Rights”)


The best way to know whether you have your energy input right is to look at your weight. If it falls into a healthy weight range, you are eating the right amount of food to maintain your correct energy levels. If you are overweight, or have too much body fat, you can increase your energy and make your body work better by losing the excess fat. (“Eating For Success PLR eBook | Private Label Rights”)

Our bodies store fat as an efficient storage tank that is there for lean times. Often our bodies do not really want to give up the fat stores as our bodies think it needs them once they have gotten them. To get rid of if it we need to eat less calories (or kilojoules depending on your preferred method of counting.) (“Eating for Success – Trans4mind”)

A calorie is around four kilojoules. If you have ten excess kilograms of fat, you will need to dispose of 80,000 calories or 320 000 kilojoules to drop it off. Most people need around two to two and a half thousand calories a day, so as you can see, it takes a fair amount of both time and effort to drop our intake enough to lose that eighty thousand. (“Statement of Rights”)

The best way to get your body to get rid of its extra fat stores is to look at portion sizes, the type of food you are eating and track how many calories are popping into your mouth. While exercise is important, people often overestimate how much they are burning off and will overeat to compensate. (“Eating For Success PLR eBook | Private Label Rights”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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