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Advantages of Being a Vegetarian the Importance of Eating a Healthful Vegetarian Diet

Advantages of Being a Vegetarian the Importance of Eating a Healthful Vegetarian Diet

The Importance of Eating a Healthful Vegetarian Diet so often when people say they are vegetarian they mean that they do not eat meat. But being a vegetarian is more than just not eating meat. (“Cooking Mastery”) “It is possible to be a vegetarian in the sense of not eating meat and eat a very unhealthy diet indeed.” (“SELF-HELP COOKING”)

“A vegetarian diet may be high in cholesterol if it relies too much on cheese and eggs.” (“Cooking Mastery”) It may be low in fiber if it is based on refined grain products like white bread, white pasta, and white rice. If it lacks fresh vegetables, your diet will be deficient in vitamins and minerals. You may vegetarian but you may not be eating a healthful vegetarian diet. (“Advantages of Been Vegetarian – Good Reasons For … – Issuu”)

Going vegetarian is about more than just not eating meat. It means taking a positive decision to eat a wide range of foods that provide a balanced mixture of nutrients. (“SELF-HELP COOKING”)

It is important to plan the change to a vegetarian diet. This may mean buying some new equipment for your kitchen. If you are used to eating convenience foods, you may need to buy some basic items. (“Cooking Mastery”)

The next step is to plan your meals. Not all vegetarian meals rely on cheese, eggs, and milk for protein. These are useful ingredients in a vegetarian diet but not by any means essential. (“SELF-HELP COOKING”) It is perfectly possible to get enough protein by combining grains with pulse such as peas, beans, and lentils. A bowl of lentil soup with a slice of bread provides all the essential amino you need. Chili beans and rice combine in the same way to create what is called a complete protein. (“Advantages of Been Vegetarian – Good Reasons For … – Issuu”)

“A diet based on pulses and whole grains has the immense advantage of providing you with enough fiber.” (“The Significant Advantages of a Colon Cleanse | nathaniel5291v”) This is important to maintain colon health. Cancer of the colon is most common among people who eat a diet based on over-refined processed foods. “Fiber is one of the key ingredients in a healthful vegetarian diet.” (“The Importance of Eating a Healthful Vegetarian Diet”)

“Switching to a high fiber diet takes a little time.” (“Cooking Mastery”) Your body needs to adjust. So, take things slowly first.

A healthful vegetarian diet based on whole grains, pulses, nuts, fruits, and vegetables will also be good for your heart as it is low in fat. The fats you use in vegetarian cooking should be vegetable fats and oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or groundnut oil. There is no reason to exclude butter from a vegetarian diet, especially if most of the fat you are consuming is of vegetable origin. (“SELF-HELP COOKING”)

One of the wonderful things about a healthy vegetarian diet is that it helps to maintain your weight at the right level. (“Benefits Of Being a Vegetarian: The Importance of Eating A …”) You will still pile on the pounds if you binge on ice cream, but a healthful vegetarian diet leaves you feeling satisfied so that you are less likely to overindulge in sweet things.

Do not Be a Lazy Vegetarian

Vegetarianism has become a big business. The shelves of our supermarkets are full of products aimed at the vegetarian. They all look so convenient, and we all need to save time. We are inevitably tempted to be a bit lazy sometimes and cut corners. (“Vegan Zone”)

But vegetarians need to be aware of what is in those handy little packages, or they could be putting their health at risk. So do not be a lazy vegetarian in the supermarket: read those labels. (“Vegan Zone”)

“You need to check how much sugar is in the product, how much fat and whether refined carbohydrates have been used.” (“Vegan Zone”) A little bit of refined flour, the occasional sweet or fatty treat are not in themselves bad for a vegetarian. “But these substances become a problem when they make up a large part of the vegetarian diet.” (“Vegan Zone”)

Even a vegetarian can get fat if they eat enough fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. As a vegetarian, you should train your palate and that of your children to expect less of these foods and the instant sugar rush that goes with them. (“Vegan Zone”)

Many of the fats used in commercial vegetarian foods are what is called trans fatty acids. These are associated with an elevated risk of cancer. So even if the fats used in a vegetarian product are derived from vegetable sources, they may have been modified so much in the manufacturing process that they are no longer healthy. (“Vegan Zone”)

Of course, vegetarians lead busy lives and there are times when we need a quick snack or a meal in a hurry. In these situations, opt for a healthy alternative. A bowl of whole meal cereal will fill that hungry gap before the evening meal when you come home. Keep a good range of fresh fruits on hand. This is natural grab and go vegetarian food. (“Advantages of Been Vegetarian – Good Reasons For … – Issuu”)

“Vegetarian food does not always take a long time to cook and prepare.” (“Vegan Zone”) Red split lentils take 10 minutes to cook and can become the basis of all kinds of curries, soups, stews, and burgers.

If you keep some cooked pulse on hand in the fridge you can rustle up a vegetarian meal very quickly. Or cook twice as much as you need when you have the time and freeze it later. A little planning allows a vegetarian to be lazy in a healthy way. (“Vegan Zone”)

May be when you feel that vegetarian cooking it just too slow you should ask yourself “What’s the hurry?” Vegetarian food should not be a quick refueling stop. Set out a platter of vegetable sticks and olives with a hummus dip. Cut up a loaf of whole meal bread. (“Vegan Zone”) Take time to discuss the events of the day. “By the time you have done that your main vegetarian meal of the evening will be ready.” (“Vegan Zone”)


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