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Supplement Secrets

Supplement Secrets

Supplement Secrets – The Paramount Importance of Diet. As you can probably see after having made it this deep into our Guide, I’m all for cutting edge supplements as long as they are effective and safe.

They can enhance our training, our lifestyles and speed up our drive towards our goals.

What I’m NOT for is pushing the lie that somehow supplements can replace a smart and solid diet plan. It’s impossible and anyone who claims differently has a financial interest in telling you lies.

Move away from them without spending any money very quickly my friends! They are looking for a sucker and you aren’t a sucker, are you?

If you are trying to lose weight, put on muscle or just experience vibrant health diet is not just important. It’s ALL important.

Here’s some diet tips to keep in mind. Combining this along with smart supplementation can make you look and feel like a new person.

Protein is King.

No matter if you are trying to cut fat or put on muscle (or both) protein is king. Making sure you are getting enough protein from whole food sources should be one of the foundations of your dietary efforts.

Choose lean protein sources whenever possible – think chicken, turkey and fish. Occasional red meat is fine (especially if it is grass fed and hormone free). Avoid things like soy which can and will wreck your hormonal balance completely.

Control Your Carb Intake.

Carbohydrates can be your diet’s worst enemy, unless you are in a serious bulking phase or involved in hardcore endurance sports you will likely eat more carbs than you should if you’re not tracking them.

Is it necessary to go “no” carb? Not at all, though this approach does work well to get lean if you have the discipline to maintain it. Either way control your carb intake and you will be glad you did when you look in the mirror in the months and years ahead!

Very Important – Fats DON’T Make You Fat.

When it comes to fitness, muscle building and health the obvious is often far from true. Take fat for example. It would seem eating fats would make you fat, right? Far from true. In fact, the right kind of fats will help you stay lean and healthy.

Think of a few servings of salmon or mackerel a week to be sure you’re on point in addition to any supplement efforts in this direction.

This covers the three major areas of all of our diets. Now there’s entire books on the subject worth reading so this one chapter can’t really serve in place of those kinds of resources.

If you follow these foundational ideas as well as not falling into the trap of thinking supplements are a cure for poor diet you are well ahead of the game.

Follow through with more in-depth work on the subject and the body of your dreams will be yours in no time – built on a disciplined diet, intense training and exercise and the supplementary secrets you have been learning in this Guide!

Regards, Coyalita

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