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Supplement Secrets

Supplement Secrets   Heal the Body with Curcumin. The description “super food” gets tossed around quite often and a bit too liberally for my taste in health and fitness circles.

Many of the things that have been described as “super foods” in the recent past, like raspberries for example, are quite good for you, but “super”? Probably not.

One food ingredient which doesn’t get its props from mainstream sources as much, but truly does deserve the super food label is the Indian spice turmeric or more specifically curcumin.

Curcumin is the active part of turmeric now available in highly pure forms perfect as a health supplement.

Need to heal your body? Cut body fat? Or a mild pain killer?

Curcumin is all those things and more.

Let’s explore its many benefits.

Curcumin Is Nature’s Best Anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation in our bodies is the cause of a host of health problems including reducing our ability to lose weight quickly.

If you need an anti-inflammatory that works without question, curcumin is probably your best choice. It out performs all of its natural competition, every over-the-counter drug anti-inflammatory and even most of the prescription drugs that address this important issue.

To top it off it’s both safe and relatively inexpensive. If you’ve even experienced the stomach aches that can be caused by other anti-inflammation options you will join many of us in becoming loyal to curcumin for life! That’s one set of side effects I sure won’t ever miss.

It Promotes Healthy Fat Loss.

Curcumin isn’t a fat loss agent to the level of some of the other supplements discussed here in our Guide, but it will aid your overall fat loss fight. It does this by inhibiting fatty acid synthase- which will make it harder for your body to pack in body fat while supplementing with it.

This is very noticeable in the real world with many users noticing it frees up their diet somewhat, allowing a little extra freedom to “cheat” while still seeing good results.

Curcumin Helps Control Cortisol Levels.

Keeping cortisol levels low is crucial if you hope to build muscle and get lean. High cortisol levels send a message inside your body to go into “emergency” mode and retain your body fat by any means necessary.

Research has shown curcumin to be a miracle worker when it comes to keeping cortisol levels low. This can equal becoming leaner and more muscular, quicker. Provided you are training hard and following a well thought out diet of course!

Curcumin Fights Cancer.

Curcumin is being studied very heavily in both Australia and New Zealand for its cancer fighting properties. These properties are interesting to medical experts not only for how effective curcumin seems to be, but maybe more importantly because the supplement keeps working over long periods of time.

This is rare for cancer fighting agents which the human body off becomes resistant too. Hopefully we all never need this aspect of curcumin, but if we do it’s here for all of our health’s sake.

Curcumin Is A Top Anti-Oxidant.

Curcumin shines as an antioxidant. It will boost your overall health, give you more energy and all the rest of the other great things we associate with antioxidants.

If you make a habit of cooking with turmeric often or supplement daily with curcumin you can expect to be much more vibrantly healthy. It works and works well!

Curcumin Dosage?

A normal dose of curcumin in 900mg a day. If you are sick this can be boosted up all the way to 900mg three times a day until you are feeling healthy again. This is in addition to any you may be adding to your meals.

Regards, Coyalita

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