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Stopwatch Method Introduction

Stopwatch Method!

Millions of people around the world struggle with their weight, and they aim towards effective weight loss. Most of them struggle with this ordeal for many years until they finally find the formula that works best for them. With so many fad diets and pills on the market, it can be frustrating to know which one works best.

In fact, most people who end up losing weight after dieting end up gaining weight back and then some months later. Fortunately, there are new ways to get weight off and continue with a healthy lifestyle.

 What is It All About?

A new way that people are starting to lose weight is known as the stopwatch method. The general rule of thumb with this method is to remember that you typically only have food cravings every eight to fourteen minutes. Based on this fact, you can do a better job of not giving in to cravings.

If you can get past your food cravings and choose either a healthy snack or a glass of water over a cookie, then you are on your way to losing weight.

Understanding How Your Body Works and How Cravings Affect You!

Understanding how your body works and how cravings affect you will help to shed light on how this weight loss method works. Listening to your body and understanding when and why you are hungry will help you to resist temptation and opt for healthier choices. Having something healthy with you always is especially important.

Since your body does tell you when it is hungry, it is much better to satisfy it with a light and healthy snack. This option will help you feel full, kick start your metabolism, and assist you with resisting temptation.

When you have been sitting at work all day and you get hungrier and hungrier, the odds are that you will want to pitch in and order that pizza or go out to lunch and get a huge hamburger with French fries. The stopwatch method can help you avoid this common mistake, and in turn help you to lose weight.

A huge key to success with this method is to really listen to your body. When you get a craving, use a stopwatch or a timer, and immediately set it for fifteen minutes. Let it run down and drink a cold glass of water or have a small snack that is high in protein.

Some examples of high protein snacks include beef jerky or peanut butter toast. Avoid food with sugar, as these can throw your glucose level all out of order and only intensify your cravings. As you avoid overeating when you have a craving, you are gaining self-discipline. This is one of the main reasons that most diets fail.

The lack of self-control is what gets most of us into trouble when it comes to eating too much. Once you get that control back, you are on your way to losing weight.

It is a little-known fact that often our body makes mistakes feeling thirsty for hunger. In other words, when we feel hungry, many times we are just thirsty. Drinking water can help you to feel full and can also help you avoid eating something you should not be. Drink a tall glass of water when you feel hungry and watch your metabolism take off.

Studies have shown that water increases metabolism and helps us to be more “regular” when it comes to our digestive system.

If you choose to eat a small snack when you get a craving, be sure you make a smart choice. Foods high in fiber are great since they help you to feel full and can also keep your digestive track working well. Apples are a splendid example of a food that is exceedingly high in fiber and healthy for you.

If you do not want to eat fruit, try carrot or celery sticks instead. Sometimes just the act of eating something crunchy can help you to not feel so hungry or want to munch on that bag of fatty potato chips.

Lose Weight Stop Watch Method

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