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Quit Smoking – Nicotine Withdrawal

Quit Smoking – Nicotine Withdrawal

Most smokers will find it difficult to quit smoking because they are addicted to nicotine which is the major component of cigarettes. And when they are ready to quit, they must prepare themselves for adverse effects of nicotine withdrawal which gives unpleasant symptoms.

The symptoms include craving for tobacco, anxiety, poor concentration, irritability, restlessness, stomach upset, drowsiness, and occasional headache. Also, there is a possibility of weight gain and depression for those that use tobacco to control weight. There are lots of ways by which you can prevent such unpleasant symptoms by finding a replacement for nicotine. These can be done using medical, physical, and psychological methods.

Medically, you can use drug to deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and you must start on exact date you picked to quit. If you smoke when you are depressed before, you can replace that with antidepressant when you decide to stop smoking. You can also use anxiolytics and nicotine gums.

In fact, many prefer nicotine gum because nicotine allows them to titrate their own rate of nicotine absorption through the buccal mucosa. Make sure you do not chew it immediately after eating food or drinking soda because for nicotine absorption there is a need for neutral pH, and you can have that when you just eat or drink.

Apart from nicotine gum you can use transdermal patch, which is more convenient for delivering nicotine. There are different dosing strategies for transdermal patches. Though, none of the strategies are superior to the other. They are either a single stable dose or a decreased dome which may be used every 2 weeks. The patch is often used for 6 weeks.

Alternatively, you can use nasal spray instead of gum or patch. It is a nicotine inhaler, and it looks very much like a cigarette holder. It has nicotine impregnated with menthol. It will give you immediate relief from nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Apart from using nicotine replacement drugs, physical exercise can help you as well. You can control weight gain and reduce the craving for tobacco through daily physical exercise. Just like you need to consult your physician when thinking of nicotine replacement drugs, you need to contact your physician too to know more about the best physical exercise for you.

Quit Smoking-Smoking Habit: A Final Solution

Every smoker knows fully well that there are lots of disadvantages to smoking cigarettes. They know that their health is always at risk, their integrity on the face of the children and cost them lots of money over period. Because of this fact it is not easy to force any smoker to quit, especially addicted smokers. However, it is possible for any average smoker that is sincere enough to stop this bad habit.

Though you can learn a lot today online on how to quit smoking, you still must identify smoking behavior that is peculiar to you. Some people smoke to cool-off stress, some as a stimulant while some use it for weight measure. You must identify for what you use smoking. What exactly does a stick of cigarette mean to you? If you do not uncover this starting from beginning you will continue going back to the same smoking habit, even if you are able to quit for some period. So, ask yourself – why did I smoke cigarettes?

You may want to know why you must do this. If you can understand your smoking behavior, you have already taken a step to solve the problem. It will be easy for you to cope successfully and select the best quitting method that will be suitable for your condition.

It is especially important that I make something clear to you at this point. Smoking is a form of addiction and most smokers who quit smoking usually experience some withdrawal symptoms like headache, light-headedness, diarrhea, chest pains, nausea, anxiety, short-term depression, and inability to concentrate.

So, you need to prepare for these challenges and consult your physician often. However, you should not be afraid or let that scare you from embarking on quitting program. If you quit smoking, you will gain more energy, become healthier and save more money.

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