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Things you need to know about the court

There are a lot of different elements and facts to know about tennis courts. Although the new tennis fan may not be able to tell the difference between the courts, the more popularly played surfaces, would include the clay court, the normal looking court and the grass courts.

The following are some of the things one should know about the tennis courts:

Court sizes, coating surfaces, court materials, fence material and building material usually follow the guidelines laid out by the American Sports Builders Association.

Asphalt base courts – this type of surface has a compacted stone base, with proper drainage incorporated in an important element that will promote the longevity of the court’s surface. The amount of stone and asphalt used is variable and usually depends on the individual’s requirements at the site.

Asphalt overlay – there is usually a measurement of two inches of asphalt placed over the existing court surface after a layer of paving fabric has been laid, as this will help to bridge the old and new surfaces.

When in the process of building a tennis court, the weather conditions play an important role, thus the need to be sure the court is built during favorable weather conditions.

Failing to  observe this very important condition may create future problems, when the court’s surface becomes problematic.

The painting and leveling processes also require a lot of attention, as this contributes directly to the playing aspect of the game. If the wrong quality of paint is used, the reflection and distorted impression of the surface that is perceived by the naked eye can be very disconcerting for the players using the court.

Most players are very sensitive to any off balance in the surface of the court, which will also usually cost them when they are unable to get comfortable enough to play a good game.

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