2612568276918. How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks! The Ultimate Fighter's Power Principles

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks!

The Ultimate Fighter’s Power Principles

How to Become a Lethal Weapon in Two Weeks! – The Ultimate Fighter’s Power Principles.

Power Principle #1: Simplicity Is Power!

You’ve heard it before, but it’s definitely worth repeating…

Simplicity is power! You will hear me say this over and over again – for good reason.

The simpler the techniques are, the easier it will be for you to learn, remember, and execute them when it counts.

The more complicated and foreign the moves are, the harder it will be for you to learn and use them.

Most martial arts take years to master because they require you to learn new body movements and postures, moves that we don’t normally use in our daily lives.

My system only uses natural body movements that you already know how to do right now! Moves that you use all the time anyway. All I have to do is show you which moves they are and how/when to execute them. That’s it!

You don’t have to learn anything new. No complicated martial arts styles here.

That’s why I’m able to create fighters in weeks instead of years!

Simplicity also gives you speed. The simpler the moves are, the more quickly you’ll be able to execute them.

And, the quicker you end the fight, the better your chances are of survival. The longer it takes, the riskier it gets, because with every extra second, your attacker has more opportunities to take you down. Most real fights only last for a few seconds anyway. And if your opponent is not down by that time, you surely will be.

The longer it takes, the riskier it gets.

Forget about the fancy high and flying kicks. Or the dragon claws and the monkey styles. You don’t need the flexibility of Van Damme or the agility of Jackie Chan. Leave that to the movies.

Your job is not to impress your opponent or wow the spectators. Your only mission is to finish the fight quickly and swiftly.

Simplicity is Power! Simplicity makes you more efficient, it gives you speed! It makes you lethal! It keeps you alive!

Power Principle #2: If the Attacker Can’t Stand, He Can’t Fight.

If a man loses his balance, he usually loses the fight.

There are various easy ways to take an attacker down. You can simply push him the correct way, pull him, or put his knees out of commission.

The knee is an especially vulnerable area because it can only bend one way. If you force it to bend the other way, it breaks. And, as soon as the knee gives out, the attacker goes down. It doesn’t matter how big or strong he is. Break the knee and you take him down.

Hitting the groin area is also very effective, for the same reason. The opponent can’t help but buckle from the pain.

Finally, if the attacker is rushing towards you, you can simply brace yourself and stop him by pushing against his head, neck or upper chest area. The effect is similar to a person moving forward and suddenly being stopped by a clothesline that hits his face or neck area. His body is still in forward motion while his head comes to a stop, causing him to fall fast.

Once he is down, you can either get out of there…OR…you can continue kicking and striking him while he’s down, to make sure he can’t get up fast enough…and then leave the scene.

If he can’t stand, he can’t fight.

Power Principle #3: If the Attacker Can’t See, He Can’t Fight

Blind a man and he can’t see. If he can’t see, he can’t hit.

There are several ways to temporarily blind your opponent. You can simply poke him in the eyes with your fingers. You can throw something in his face (alcohol, boiling water, sand, whatever is at your disposal.) You can strike his nose, which usually leads to watery eyes, i.e. temporary blindness.

Lastly, there are simple ways to maneuver around an attacker and quickly end up behind him! This is a very favorable place for you to be in, and a very deadly place for the attacker to be in. From this position, he cannot see you at all, while you have access to some very vulnerable targets on his body: the back of his neck, small of his back, back of his knee, Achilles heel, etc. You can also very easily get into the choke hold position once you’re behind him.

If he can’t see, he can’t fight.

Power Principle #4: If the Attacker Can’t Think, He Can’t Fight.

Obviously, if your opponent can’t think straight, he can’t fight well.

The attacker usually uses the “element of surprise” to his advantage. We are going to turn the tables and use that strategy against him. Any technique that will temporarily throw him off, even for a second, will give you the added edge.

Striking the ear in a certain way will cause his ears to ring, which will throw off his stability for a bit.

Striking the nose (as mentioned earlier) will also stun him for a bit.

Distracting him with a fake punch will divert his attention there, at which point you can deliver the real blow.

Screaming can also work very well in distracting and/or confusing him, at least a second or two. Remember, every second counts. The moment you see him startled, deliver the lethal blow.

I’ve even seen some people pretend to be insane, in order to distract the opponent. Act crazy, start throwing your hands around, bang on the wall, cuss up a storm, whatever you can think of. And, as soon as the opponent gets startled or confused, then go in for the hit.

Lastly, any move or strike that causes quick, sharp pain can work well to distract the attacker, at least temporarily. Strikes to the eyes, nose, ears, temples, throat, upper lip will do the job.

I have also seen some fighters pretend to be weak and helpless, in order to get the opponent to drop his guard a little. The fighter then takes advantage of the opponent’s less alert state to strike.

Anything that will create that “shock effect” to either distract or disengage the attacker temporarily will work. As soon as that happens, make your move.

If he can’t focus, he can’t fight.

Power Principle #5: If the Attacker Can’t Breathe, He Can’t Fight.

This one is a fairly dangerous one and I only want you to use this if you run out of other options.

Striking the attacker anywhere on the throat (or frontal neck area) can cause temporary breathing problems. (It can also at times cause permanent damage, and even death.) This includes striking Adam’s apple, and the small indentation where the neck and chest meet.

Striking at the solar plexus (right below the ribs, front and center) or the floating ribs (sides of ribs, below the chest) can also cause loss of breath temporarily.

If he can’t breathe, he can’t fight.

Regards, Coyalita

Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Specialist

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