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Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

FLAT BELLY You’re Not Getting It

FLAT BELLY You’re Not Getting It


Despite having salad for lunch every day, junking your favorite sodas and chips, and being available to exercise, the number on the weighing scale still is not budging. (“10 Reasons You Are Not Getting It Right, by Lorraine Paige …”) And it has been four painful weeks!

Sounds familiar? Chances are, you could be doing something wrong. “Seeing that your diet accounts for 70 per cent of weight loss and exercise 30 per cent, this much is true.” (“Six Pack Secrets – Build Lean and Strong Muscles, by …”)

“I picked out seven diet boo-boos and three workout blunder that women often make.” (“Best Diet Books: available free”)

Whether you are guilty of just one or all of them, rectifying those errors will go far in pushing that magic number down – and keeping it that way. (“10 Reasons You Are Not Getting It Right, by Lorraine Paige …”) (“10 Reasons You Are Not Getting It Right, by Lorraine Paige …”) Losing weight is a game of math, where you want to create a calorie deficit.

Every day, burn five hundred more calories than you consume, and, in a week, you would have logged a deficit of 3,500 calories. Keep it up for a month and you would lose about 2kg.

Sounds straightforward, but it’s not so easy to get the numbers right. People tend to overestimate their calorie burn and underestimate their food intake. (“Care for your heath”)

So before treating yourself to a pre- or post-workout snack, think about whether you have really earned it. “A 60kg woman running at a pace of 9kmh burns about 330 calories in half an hour.” (“Care for your heath”)



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