2612568276918. “Empowered! to! GET FIT! ON! THE! GO”

“Empowered! to! GET FIT! ON! THE! GO”

“Empowered! to! GET FIT! ON! THE! GO”

“Includes creative exercise tips for
the woman with little or no time to
Get and Stay Fit”

“Empowered! to! GET FIT! ON! THE! GO” – Is it me or does it seem that we tend to rush through life? Either we’re rushing to get to work, get home from work or other activities.

I recall having a conversation with my daughters about enjoying the journey and I think they heard just a tad of what I was saying.

You see as children most get focused on finally reaching their teens and then they can’t wait to reach 16 and then 18 and you guessed it 21 and well 25 and then there’s a slight change as they reach 30 and then a little fear of reaching the 40’s however, when approached with “you’re just a baby” then the push for 40 comes on them.


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