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Controlling Your Cholesterol

Controlling Your Cholesterol

Controlling Your Cholesterol how you should best control it if you have high cholesterol depends on how high it is and why it is so high in the first place. By doing this you will at least be aware of the risk of having high cholesterol. You may already know that you have it. You may just want to learn more about it. “Either way, you will need to get a grip on your cholesterol and get informed about controlling it.” (“Tips to Control Cholesterol | Intellectual Parent”)

You may know that cholesterol plays a significant and decisive role to heart disease. You already know that the primary cause of heart attack and stroke are clogged arteries, and blood clots because of those arteries traveling to either the heart or the brain, and that high cholesterol is what clogs the arteries. You already know that it is important to control high cholesterol before it gets to be high. (“Tips to Control Cholesterol | Intellectual Parent”) If you do not…. now you do

“If you have high cholesterol, you are going to want to lower it.” (“Tips to Control Cholesterol | Intellectual Parent”) If you do not, you want to know how to avoid getting it in the first place. Your first step to control high cholesterol is to establish healthy eating habits, healthy exercise habits and healthy drinking and smoking habits. “When I say healthy habits there is a meaning to this.” (“Tips to Control Cholesterol | Intellectual Parent”)

Healthy smoking habits are not smoking cigarettes and cigars that are healthy it is a fireplace with the vent open, meat or vegetables on the grill, or fireworks in July. Tobacco smokers have a distinct advantage over nonsmokers: if they quit, they raise their HDL cholesterol levels very quickly, and that is a good thing. (“Control Your Cholesterol Before You Pay the Price of Heart …”) Healthy drinking habits are a little less crazy than smoking. Indications today state that a glass of red wine a day helps raise HDL cholesterol. (“Tips to Control Cholesterol | Intellectual Parent”)

Healthy exercise habits mean regular aerobic exercise at least several times a week. This can be walking for 30 minutes, tennis, running, cycling, volleyball. Whatever you enjoy doing and it gives you a good cardiovascular workout. (“Tips to Control Cholesterol | Intellectual Parent”) Healthy eating habits are one of the best ways to control high cholesterol. If you do this it will give you higher HDL and, more importantly, much lower LDL. What these whole foods do place more emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and less on animal products that are high in saturated fats, and they focus less on processed foods. They could mean the difference from you having a heart strong enough body to maintain it properly. (“Tips to Control Cholesterol | Intellectual Parent”)

HDL Cholesterol Level

What is HDL Cholesterol Level?

When you think of cholesterol, your only thought is that it should be lower, however HDL levels are not the same. The higher the better is the necessary information when it comes to HDL cholesterol levels. (“What is HDL Cholesterol Level? – EzineArticles”) HDL is different from cholesterol. In fact, your HDL levels are high density lipoproteins. Our bodies can never seem to have quite enough of them. “Their role in our body is to carry cholesterol away from body tissues after LDL has carried it to them.” (“What is HDL Cholesterol Level? – EzineArticles”) Because LDL vastly outnumbers HDL by about 3 to 1, we are much better off if we can raise our HDL cholesterol levels.

There are several diverse ways that you will want to achieve this. On the list are the excessive smoking, alcohol, body weight, exercise, and medications. Let us look at the actual numbers on this. You must remember that the smallest changes in HDL levels are significant. (“What is HDL Cholesterol Level? – EzineArticles”) It would be going too far to say it is exponential, but a 1 mg/dL increase in your HDL cholesterol levels means as much as a 2 to 4 percent reduction in risk of heart disease and cardiac problems in general.

Breaking Down the Numbers on HDL Cholesterol Levels

When we start thinking about HDL levels you need to remember that the numbers are different for men and women. In general, the average figure for HDL is approximately 40 mg/dL for what someone wants in HDL cholesterol levels. (“What is HDL Cholesterol Level? – EzineArticles”) That is certainly the range that you must think in terms of.

At this point we should go from risky HDL to average HDL to ideal HDL levels. The too-low danger flag about this goes out at 37 mg/dL for men and at 47 mg/dL for women. The normal range for men to have been about 40 to 50 mg/dL, and for women 50 to 60 mg/dL. The general target range for HDL cholesterol levels, but you must remember that nothing is set in stone in this area, but it is about 60 mg/dL. (“What is HDL Cholesterol Level? – EzineArticles”) A reasonable goal we can all set is and should be to increase HDL cholesterol levels by 10 mg/dL from whatever it is now.

“As you can see there is a vast difference from your cholesterol levels and your HDL levels.” (“What is HDL Cholesterol Level? – EzineArticles”) It is wise for you not to confuse the two of them. Common sense would be for you understand that HDL levels work in the exact opposite manner that cholesterol does, however your HDL levels is akin to monitoring your cholesterol in that they both play a huge role in your overall health. It amazes me how much people get so involved in their cholesterol levels that they forget about everything else. You can keep your HDL levels in regulation height by simply eating a balanced and nutritious combination of whole foods. (“What is HDL Cholesterol Level? – EzineArticles”)


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