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AerobicsInjuries and How to Prevent Them Some people think of cycling as dangerous. That’s because some of the bicyclists may not adhere to the road rules and can incur injuries.

One thing that you must do when you are on a bicycle is to wear a helmet. You want your head to be protected in the event of an accident. The brain is very delicate and once it gets injured, the recovery process could be lengthy.

It is very common to find out that bicycle injuries can affect your knees. The knee injuries can affect anyone that rides a bicycle.

Other bicycle injuries can be caused by:

• Not being prepared to ride for long stretches

• The gear you use is too high for where you are riding

• You are not fitting on bicycle correctly and the saddle is not adjusted for your height

• Trying to ride too many inclines in the beginning stages of riding your bike

Make sure that the height of your saddle on the bicycle is not too high when you are riding. It should be at a height where you are comfortable as you use your pedals. If you are too high on the saddle, you can experience knee pain at the posterior.

The height of the saddle should not be too low, either. The knee’s anterior will be affected.

The saddle should be fitted correctly so that you can sit on it right. If it is not, your muscles could go out of balance. To avoid an injury where you overuse your muscles while riding, set the saddle at an angle between 25 – 35 degrees.

If the ride is uncomfortable for you, then you won’t be able to get far with your aerobic cycling. You can end up with other “overuse” injuries by overdoing it on the bicycle.

• Chronic nerve damage – riding you bike for long periods of time without resting

• Palm damage, carpal tunnel syndrome – overuse of bike riding

• Bicycle seat neuropathy – numbness, pain in the groin area; can lead to erectile or sexual dysfunction

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